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  1. Radoozle Paloozle

    Getting back into the fandom

    Thanks for your response, I sent this same question into pony soapbox so It'll be interesting to see what responses it gets. I remember EQD being one of the main sites back in the day but I guess that's probably not the case since many folks like me dropped off the radar. Tbh it doesn't bother me that much it was a passing fad for many people but I'm glad there is still a cult following. I have another year or so still before heading into work so there's time, just prioritised interests I could share with others, like gaming and sports and such... but I'm not self-conscious about MLP any more, I enjoy what I enjoy and that's all there is to it. If you have links to sites you'd recommend, hit me up!
  2. Radoozle Paloozle

    Getting back into the fandom

    Wow...I legitimately haven't touched this website or this series since about 2013. I'm graduating from university soon and that got me thinking about life. I kind of have a nostalgic yearning to come back to all this old stuff I enjoyed in my teens, been getting back into old video games I used to play, I reinstalled Minecraft for example. I've kind of been on a nostalgia trip. As such MLP crossed my mind the other day, I remembered how fond I was of it I remember how disapproving my father was of it. I abandoned a lot of nerdy stuff for a long time in my late teens, MLP, anime etc... for the better really at the time I was a total neckbeard and the thought makes me cringe a bit of how much of a fanboy I was. Nonetheless, I just wondered what the state of the fandom is these days whether it's worth getting back into. I'm considering rewatching after this long while just to see if I like it as much as I did, and now I'm older I think I can appreciate it a bit more probably since I'm not so much of a fanboy. Would be interested to hear from those of you who've been around from the beginning and can comment on how the fandom has changed over the years...