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  1. Candle light

    Why are there humans in G1 but no people in G4

    from my perception the storyline in the 4TH generation has been completely revamped , it's possible that the Head Chief of the executive story writter has been ,swapped ,whereas it'd expalin why the original storyline got ditched , but keep in mind that the initial launch of My Little pony was the marketing of the Plastic toys , in the first title to which embodies the inital focus on it , and i believe once , the 4TH generation has Launched they 've been focused more on releasing TV shows an earning their income from , the TV show compartment , however i can't confirm it, since this is what i perceive and it soley represent my opinion , it is somewhat fascinating to aknowledge that humans have been merged into the show before being entirely erradicated from the mainstream (G4 ) which there would be a more of such episodes involving human feature history
  2. Candle light - Create und watch Pony Streams

    what's SRT ? and can you add russian + english ? for me that would be sufficient but it'll be also better if you're adding subtitles in different languages aswell
  3. Candle light - Create und watch Pony Streams

    i doubt i've forgot to bring something up were you planning on adding a option who's enabling subtitles ? subtitles is for me very important because it'd allows enhancing your own Vocabulary
  4. Candle light - A Bronies Information Page

    is the site still active?
  5. Candle light - Create und watch Pony Streams

    i'm somehow impressed about this Site tough i haven't completly understood why i've had a frame open from a youtube music video instead of being seeing the MLP episode but i'll have to say i'm impressed. finally a way that enables me to watch mlp with my friends