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  1. Draven

    Hey, you there, read this. Hi

    Welcome to the show our forums!
  2. Draven

    Retro games

    One of the first games I solely owned was Super Mario Bros 3 for NES. There was hardly a moment where I wasn't playing that (and killing off Mario so I can play as Luigi).
  3. episodes Hasbro! But in all seriousness, I'm looking forward to new episodes after watching repeats during the summer.
  4. Draven

    MVM list

    I love playing MvM, almost more so then the regular game itself. (We actually might have played MvM a few times together) I'll send you a friend invite. I main Soldier, but also play Heavy, Engie (Mini Sentries underrated!), and Quick-Fix Medic (for fun). I'm mostly available during the evening, but maybe during the day in November.
  5. Draven

    World of Warcraft

    Someday I would like to play WoW, I've only played it "unofficially" (with many many bugs and most of the garrison buildings/quests don't even work). But I might wait for that new expansion to come out first. For me right now, it will all depend if those WoW Tokens are worth the grind to pay monthly or not (and also to save money for the game itself). If it would take me a month to get enough gold for the Token, then that would make me a sad panda. If I do end up playing at some point, I would mainly play for PvE. From what I've seen, my favorite would be Paladin and Hunter, and perhaps Warrior and Warlock.
  6. Draven

    Fun stories

    I have tons of stories, but one that I remember was me and a friend were playing the original Smash Bros for N64 (I think it was Saffron City stage) and we both threw bomb-ombs into the air at different times, at opposite sides of the map and forgot about them. Then out of nowhere, a computer gets launched into one of them, then the push from that caused the computer to get launched into the other, then died.
  7. Draven


  8. Back when Legion of Ponies was around, they had a server with Dodgeball, Deathrun, Fort Wars, Prophunt and VSH. We could have a server with some of these and other game modes on it.
  9. Draven

    When do you play?

    I try to play each night, sometimes during the day, but it mainly depends if the server is busy or not, or if I'm busy at that moment.
  10. Draven

    What do you main?

    When I first started, I mained Engie. Then rotated between Engie and Soldier. Now I main Soldier, Engie, Medic and Heavy, but it only allowed me to vote for 2 so I chose Engie and Soldier.
  11. Draven

    Favorite Video Game Tracks.

    When I was in high school, C&C1, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGl4slGxY8U, and Dune 2 (battle music). C&C 1 was the first computer game I've owned, and all 3 I used to play all the time. Act on Instinct will always be my favorite vgm. Today, I also like the Disgaea soundtracks, favorite one being https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xscm_qYntfA.
  12. Greetings everyone. I am Dravenâ„¢ from PF2, used to be called MegaDerpy X back when I first started to play TF2. I read a comment that User made on the PF2 forums about this group and decided to join as well, since quite a few people from my friends list already joined. Right now I mostly play TF2 and Heroes of the Storm, but don't play LoL much anymore (I also enjoy playing MvM). I'm not very talkative person, but looking forward to some fun times with everyone!