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  1. LuigiFan45

    Wat Do?!

    Play vidya gaems and wait earnestly for Rhythm Doctor to release. You suddenly have to manage multiple patients in a hospital about to die despite having no medical expertise. Wat do?
  2. LuigiFan45

    annoying enemies

    Rabid Skags... Fuck the Rabid enemies in general from BL2.
  3. LuigiFan45

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    4614 insert comment here Gas Passer is OP in Team Fortress 2 MvM
  4. LuigiFan45

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    4503 BAP BAM POW
  5. Since there's a high chance the Rhythm Heaven series is ded: Rhythm Doctor better fill the void that is the Rhythm Heaven series
  6. LuigiFan45

    New Batpony on the block!

    Man, it's been a while since I posted here...
  7. I am honestly not sure how a Mario/Sonic crossover would even work gameplay-wise
  8. LuigiFan45

    Answer my question with a question

    Ya like jazz?
  9. LuigiFan45

    E3 2017-share your thoughts/expectations

    Just seeing what Nintendo has in store and those details about Super Mario Odyssey.(which we got) Stuff that I want but would never happen: Elite Beat Agents 2
  10. LuigiFan45

    Xbox is the best console now in my view

    You're gonna want to take that back about Metroid, m8 And the 3rd party support is looking pretty strong. I dunno about you.
  11. LuigiFan45

    Roleplay suggestions

    That I can do. I'm just not allowed to speak on online voice chats these days
  12. LuigiFan45

    Roleplay suggestions

    The problem is that I'm not allowed to voice chat online at all. :T The times I actually do find an opportunity to voice chat are far few in between.
  13. LuigiFan45

    Roleplay suggestions

    Do the games have to be done through voice? Cause I'm pretty limited to text messaging, these days
  14. @Cerebret "Hey, easy on the mane, buddy!", Nightshade said in mild irritation. Seems like this insect alien doesn't wanna stick around. Nightshade then turned to address the two in front of him. "As much as I wanna stay and chat, but this bugger seems to want to leave, so I have to bid you both adieu.", Nightshade said while doing a mock-salute with his right hoof and trotting away. He approached where Nova was still residing and noticed there was another human talking with her now. "Sheesh, all sorts of new faces are showin' up" Nightshade proceeded to approach the table with his new alien companion in tow.