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  1. Did you get my message?

    It's been 4 months since you last replied. :sadpie:

  2. welp got me a ps4 slim...ya i hardly cant tell a difference from my ps4 pro xD

  3. is there a call of duty mlp community ?...just wondering :3

  4. ps4 or xbox one anyone ? im going to be seeling my ps4 pro and get the ps4 slim hopefully tomarrow the  high fan noise is getting out of hand heck i think it also got a lot warmer then before it heated my entire room after leaving it on call of duty MWR ( on the depo section ) for a long while lol and sorry for not being on the forum for a while it really needs to be more populated...not sure why its a great site for your mlp news stuff :3

  5. thinking of being on derpyburu...yay or nay ?

    1. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      Didn't you mean, "Derpibooru"?

    2. ThePonyJoker


      ya didnt how to spell it on the top of my head XD

    3. Leonbrony17


      Well, every site has it's ups and downs. That's all i can say.

  6. thinking of getting a htc vive...or a playstation vr...really want to try google earth vr...

  7. anyone noticed not sure if its me but is the forums a bit slow loading sometimes ? :/

    1. WaterPulse


      It's not just you. I find that it does that sometimes.

    2. ThePonyJoker


      ahh ok well makes sence that i am downloading  a 80gig update xD lol

  8. yep my next phone wil be samsung galaxy s10 next year ^^

  9. so apparently my internet speeds has changed from 5 down during the day and 20 down during the night....going to call to see whats going on xD

  10. why does battle net  app half work and half doesnt <.<

  11. so..just made a good are they on returns if something goes wrong ? XD

  12. welp its offical im going to get black ops 4 on pc...the zombie map on black out looksso much fun plus you actually get to respond  ! only a few times but much better then just one life XD

  13. idk why but im really into the octavia creepy pasta lately :golfclop:

  14. ThePonyJoker

    hi everyone ! ^^

    might make a oc tonight....but i just hate using the oc makers / 3d makers XD
  15. ThePonyJoker

    hi everyone ! ^^

    thanks ! and i hope so ^^ *boop* :3