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  1. Use to be on another forum but had some issues so I came here. Hope there will be people here who are interested in real life ponies as we all already like the fictional ones. I am an artist who does drawing, air brush, 3d art. I also dabble in electronics and wood working. I own a 3d printer and use fusion 360 as well as Zbrush to create some interesting stuff. Most of all I am here to make friends and study. Thanks. Oh yea my av is a pic of a real horse I own. I didn't just use some internet image. ;)
  2. Magic_Spark

    Throwback Thursday - G1 - Escape From Catrina

    A good friend of mine gave me a story board for this very episode. Its copy of what was made. Its 127 pages approximately.
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    Season 9, Episode 3: Uprooted

    I am wondering why the 5 pillars were not there. They were the ones that planted the seed. It would have been nice to get reactions from them. Also now that the tree is still going. What about the tree with its original role protecting the forest from overtaking the land? I think the writers are running out of ideas and this is a stretch. This will be the end of the current FIM season and I guess they didn't want to leave the Magical crystal tree dead.