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  1. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 19: Dragon Dropped

    Oh boy this episode sure was... Interesting. lets review it. Rarity: Rarity in this episode was really extreme. Sure she has gone crazy/lost touch with reality a few times but never for this long. I wouldn't say she was out of character since i can see her behaving like this in certain situations but, the situation we see in this episode i personally don't see as being one of them. Why? Well it's simply because of two reasons: 1. Rarity doe's care a lot about Spike but up until this episode hasn't been shown to spend a lot of time with him. Yes they did spend time together but, most of the time it was also with Twilight and/or the other members of the mane six; When it was only the two of them hanging out it was always spike helping Rarity with her job or (in the case of simple ways) trying to help Rarity when she was under great emotional distress. 2. Even if Rarity did spend more time with Spike then we had seen on screen in the past i still find it hard to believe she would be this controlling over spike because, we have never seen her act possessive over a friend; also she is the element of GENEROSITY and a big part of generosity is sharing. Aside from that though it was fun to watch Rarity in this episode and my lord her voice actress did an amazing job. Also the facial expressions where amazing. Spike: Hold up, did we just get a good spike episode? No way! Ok but jokes aside i love Spike in this episode a lot. Not only because we get to see him act more mature and do things he enjoys outside of the mane six (that wasn't connected to them mane six in any way) but also because he has FINALLY gotten over his crush on Rairty. Sparity: Of course with Spike and Rarity's behavior one must bring up the elephant in the room. SpikeXRarity or Sparity as the ship is commonly known as. You see some believe that because Spike was shown to have a new female friend, blushed around her and didn't act love sick around Rarity at all in this episode it meant that Spartiy was dead. But other fans have argue otherwise, claiming that Rarity's behavior shows that she has feelings for him (since she has been shown to be protective over romantic interests such as Trenderhoof). Now as someone who hates Sparity i of course am quick to say that this episode killed the ship and i still feel like it does, however i can see why some would use this episode to justify this ship (going as far as saying that pinkie pie's line at the end made Spike being a two-trimmer with Rairty and, Gabby canon) and i can understand that, even if that makes me sick. I would love to know what you all think of this and if you did ship Sparity feel free to explain why. Gabby: And we got to see Gabby again. A lot of fans didn't like seeing her again and a few fans hate her for trying to ruining Sparity (or because they find her annoying). As for me, well used to find to be annoying (since she kinda annoyed me in that CMC episode she first appeared in )but now, i don't mind her. Sure she isn't a fave but i like her character and i'm glad to see Spike have a friend that is his age and has similar interests to him. Overall: This episode was a mixed bag for me, on one hand we have Spike moving on from his childhood crush, making a friend that is around his age/has similar interests and overall being more mature. On the other hand we have Rarity acting very extreme, immature, and being protective over spike which doesn't really make sense unless she has romantic feelings for him but we haven't seen evidence for that in any prior episodes/specials. Because of this i will have to rate this episode a 5/10, yes Spike was great and Gabby was much more enjoyable than before but Rarity, she was fun to watch but made no sense/ was lowkey creepy.
  2. DoodleDot

    Mlp reaction game

  3. DoodleDot

    You Can only talk with pictures

  4. DoodleDot

    Caption This!

    "Ever since i became an Alicorn i have used my powers to be able to read while sleeping. it's an effective study method."
  5. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 18: She Talks to Angel

    Very much agree with this, really wish we got to see more of even, even if it was in Apple Bloom episodes. To be fair we have only seen Rarity make sure to fix her mane as soon as it's messy (unless shes broken) so at least it's in character for Fluttershy not to care. To be fair the cartoon has ran much longer than most and only just now are we seeing this cliche. Yeah it's pretty funny no one thought Angelshy was suspicious, but with that said you would think at least one pony would think it was a changeling or if discord was in this episode i would be willing to bet he would know straight away that's it's Angel. Yeah i had to replay that line 5 times to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks. It's most likely a joke and Angel would ether just assume that because Dsicord is Fluttershy's closest male friend or he was just outright trolling. First of all, is that a cutie mark? I mean the show has said only ponies get cutie marks so i assumed it was fancy fur markings. Also even if it was a cutie mark the show has cutie marks switch butt cheeks all the time. it's only the toys that have it on one side only. I call bullshit. Well living fair from ponies must be pretty boring, i bet that potion was a lot of fun for her to watch.
  6. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 18: She Talks to Angel

    Wow we finally got a freaky Friday plot in MLP and it only took them 9 seasons to do it. Jokes aside lets get on with the review. Angel: I always hated this character, sure he has been nice to fluttershy from time to time BUT most of the time he is ether rude (in a spoiled child kind of way) or outright abusive and funny enough this episode shows he is like this towards everyone, not just fluttershy. With all that said though i am rather happy with how he slowly started to realize how rude he is and yes he is still a sassy bunny but at least he is now a sassy bunny that can see when he does wrong and tries his best to not be an asshole. Honestly thought i would hate this episode for trying to redeem Angels character but by the end i was not only fine with it but glad they did this. Fluttershy: Fluttershy was pretty good in this episode, she felt in character and i like that we FINALLY addressed the problem of the mane six having two jobs (in Fluttershy's case it's teacher and, running pet sanctuary) and being an element of harmony, even if it was kinda brushed over. My only complaint is that Fluttershy tried to make all the animals go vegan even though most animals who are omnivore can't go vegan and it's impossible for a carnivore to go vegan. Yes i get this is only while their at the pet sanctuary and maybe all animals in MLP are omnivore's and can change diet like humans; that would explain why the ponies in MLP use eggs and milk when in real like ponies are herbivore. Zecora: Nice to see this character again before the end of the show. Some have questioned if her potion was the best answer to Fluttershy and Angels problem and personally i think it was. Why? Because nether of them were being empathetic towards each other (i mean Angel was apathetic towards everyone, Fluttershy is normally empathetic but she couldn't really understand Angel's problems until she live in his body for a bit) and clearly the best way to make someone truly understand your problems is to live life in their shoes. It's very similar to that episode where Starlight made Luna and Celly switch cutie marks, only instead of cutie marks it was bodies (which makes sense, Angel has no cutie mark). Problems? Aside from Fluttershy making animals go vegan (i mean surely she could provide meat for the carnivore's) and the fact that they didn't use Angelshy for comedy as much as they could of (seriously image Angel as Fluttershy talking to Discord, that would be so funny). Also this isn't really a problem but idk where else to put it but, the line Angel said as fluttershy "i wanna marry discord" to me seemed like a clear joke from the staff. I don't know why but i a LOT of fans got butthurt over that (some even refusing to watch the episode because they hate FLuttercord). Which to me seem really dumb, i personally don't ship Fluttercord (prefer DiscordXCelestia) but since that was one line that (most likely) was just a joke, i don't see why it should decided if the episode is worth hating or not. Overall: This episode was pretty good, not a personal favourite but critically i will put it as a 7/10. The problems in this episode where minor and the only big problem was a pure nick pick on my end.
  7. DoodleDot

    Write random sentences without the letter "a"

    Who knows?
  8. DoodleDot

    Answer my question with a question

    Why do we stand?
  9. DoodleDot

    do u hate or like the word we say

    Love Big Mac (as in the burger)
  10. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 17: The Summer Sun Setback

    This is the main reason why i feel like Grogar is aware of the evil trio's plan. I mean this dude was very sure that Sombra was going to fail which made me think he can see into the future (wouldn't put it past him since he is mean to be very powerful and that could also explain why he would wait until now to attack) and therefore be aware of the betrayal before it happened. So then why work with the villains if he knows they will betray him? Not sure but hopefully we will see why in the final. I agree, but as of now i don't mind that so much since we haven't seen much of him yet.
  11. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 17: The Summer Sun Setback

    That's an interesting take on the mane six ignoring AJ, i never though of it like that. Because when i watched that part i thought it was kinda taking a jab at the fact that AJ in early seasons never had biggest impact on the plot and, therefore can feel like more like a secondary character or, (dare i say it) background pony, leading to her friends ignoring her because she hasn't done as much as they have overall. This also feels like a jab at the fandom (similar to how a lot of discords lines feel like jabs at the fandom) since many people still think she is a useless character because she hasn't had "enough" character growth and hasn't done as much as the other mane six. Could be totally wrong (and most likely am since your explanation of that AJ situation seems more likely) but after seeing Discord poking fun at the fandom in this episode and episode 1 of s9 i wouldn't put it pass the writers to do this.
  12. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 16: A Trivial Pursuit

    Well my name may be DoodleDot but MagnaDoodle is not my OTP. You would know that if you could truly ready my mind. Though with that said i do agree with this ship and i would be very disappointed if you're the first one to bring it up.