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  1. Oh boy i hope rainbow dash doesn't act the way she did in "The Washouts". But aside from that concern tr his episode sounds meh, but i could be wrong. Well i am happy to see cheese is back but doesn't she already know her life's purpose? I mean that's what cutie marks are, Right? Symbols of their life purpose? Also would love to know what "she discovers the unimaginable has happened" could mean?
  2. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 12: The Last Crusade

    The thing with this question is that being LGBT+ isn't something you can just see like race. Mainly because society is still rather homophobic and transphobic many people are ether still in the closet or are just unaware of their identity due to a lack of education on their identity (for example i didn't know trans was a thing until i was 15, but once i did i felt less confused about my gender). Well i'm glad you don't look down on us folk but many still do and most of that is because of the lack of rep in the media. With very little LGBT+ characters in media, many who are not LGBT+ tend to assume the worst of us because they simply know very little about us. I don't hate them (even though they hate me) but instead wish they had seen good examples of LGBT+ people and therefore see us as equals. Ok but how is having a few people of colour or LGBT+ charterers "ruining perfectly fine products"? And why doesn't Scoot's aunt's come across as SJW bullshit to you? Would come across as sjw bullshit if they kissed? I am not attacking just curious since i personally don't see a problem with shows having more LGBT+/POC characters, in fact i think we need more. Honestly i to wondered why they added in lesbians so late in the show but after watching the episode it kinda made sense. Sure Aunt holiday could of had a stallionfriend instead of a marefriend but ether way she and her brother add to the story but giving scootaloo relatives. Is it a big part of the story? No, not even the CMC are a big part of the story, let alone the family of Scootaloo (since she's the only one not related to a mane six pony). But it still adds to the story none the less. The only difference people wouldn't lose their crap over Aunt Holiday being with a stallion because that's "normal". Also how do LGBT+ characters being in shows attack straight people? I'm sorry but i don't see how straight people are being hurt by the inclusion of LGBT+ characters. That's a good point and honestly your right, nothing would be different story wise. But by having them be Lesbians that's the show's way of saying "hay we see LGBT+ people as valid". In other words asking why Aunt Holiday is gay is the same as asking why she has an Australian accent. Yes she could of sounded "normal" (American) and nothing would change, but she doesn't and as an Australian i am happy to see a the show have two Aussie characters since Australian are also rarely seen in non-Australian media. I try my best to not be aggressive, but it can be hard when you are seen as "different" and sometimes "wrong". The hate people have may not seem like much but has made me try to "fix" myself or worse many times. Sure their may always be anti-LGBT+ types by i don't think that means we shouldn't try to accept LGBT+ people. But i do understand your point about not agreeing with extremists and i do have to agree with that. Don't worry you didn't come across as aggressive or hostile at all. In fact your rather respectful (even if you can't relate), which is more than what some LGBT+ people have done when i talked to them about similar topics. Also i am glad you think i am nice, i think you're pretty nice too. Oh boy... the whole Big mac and Sugar belle thing is quite the conversation. long story short, the show had hinted at Big mac getting with Marble pie (the shy pie sister) a few seasons ago (season 5 or 6 i think) but in season 8 they randomly made SugarMac canon (because the CMC swore Mac had feelings for her and made him admit his feelings). This (of course) upset quite a few fans, ether because their ship was ruined (ships such as CherrMac, FlutterMac and MarbleMac) or because they aren't shippers and thought it was just a load of shit.
  3. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 12: The Last Crusade

    I assumed rainbow dash did most of the convincing since she's fast and everyone likes her. Ok but why is it that we just accept straight couples (not counting Big mac and Sugar Belle because that upset quite a few people) that get thrown in the show like it's no big deal but question the heck out of gay couples that get thrown in? It's ok if you don't care for them but for LGBT+ people like me it's important that shows throw in LGBT+ characters into shows like they do with CisHet characters, because it's about time we where treated the same instead of being treated like freaks of nature. I hope that in tens years time we will treat LGBT+ characters no different to CisHet characters, at least in the western world because i doubt every country will be accenting of us folk.
  4. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 12: The Last Crusade

    Quite enjoyed this episode, it was my favourite CMC episode because it was nice to see Scootaloo (finally) have an episode about her, and i love just seeing what the CMC will try to do to keep Scoot's in ponyville. This i think was the first episode of the season where i couldn't predict was will happen next (i knew Scoot wouldn't leave ponyville but i didn't know how the CMC would make that happen.). My only real annoyance was that i feel like the ending was kinda lame, i mean it was all a little to covenant that Scootaloo's Aunts managed to buy a house just so Scootaloo had family to live with. Also i would like to address one more thing, this might be a minor detail to most, but, as an Australian i am so happy that the show FINALLY HAS AUSTRALIAN PONIES HOLY CRAP! SCOOTALOO IS HALF AUSTRALIAN AND HER DAD IS THE PONY VERSION OF STEVEN IRWIN (only his not dead... Unlike Applebloom's father) I AM SO SHOOK!. And wow one of her Aunt's is also Australian (and is of course related to her dad) but her accent sounds a little off, I assume the voice actress isn't an Australian (i know Scoot's dad is voiced by an Australian). overall i will give this episode a 8/10, mostly because i couldn't of predicated where the story was going, and we got both LGBT+ rep and Australian rep in this episode.
  5. DoodleDot

    Why are episodes out early and when?

    Well Italy is airing all the episodes before America (i think the're up to episode 14) and as for how episode 12 and 13 are leaked in English i am not too sure on that. Though since the show is going to take a break after episode 13 (at least that's what other fans have said, this is my first time watching a season as it's airing on American TV) i doubt we will get leaks of episode 14 onward.
  6. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 11: Student Counsel

    He has a rainy cloud as his cutie mark... i guess his fate is to be depressed. I kinds feel like the animators are just going crazy with the expressions this season (properly because its the last) and i love it, even if the characters do look off sometimes. When hasn't she been a prick though? Yeah that really annoyed me as well. I think that by fair has to be one of the stupidest things to happen in this show... but not quite as dumb as the breezies can't argue with that Well it's always fun for me to see what you say and respond, though i too love to nick-pick.
  7. DoodleDot

    Mlp reaction game

  8. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 11: Student Counsel

    on one end i really liked seeing more of Trixie and Starlight characters and how starlight finds it hard to balance work and friendship. on the other hand i hated seeing mud and her boyfriend again, thought that's just me hating these two rather than a fault with the episode. best part was facial expressions, love that this season is making them more expressive and fun. over all its a 4.5 for me since it wasn't that amazing story wise and the only thing that i liked was starlight, trixie and sunburst. also did they make up a holiday for this episode? i don't remember any spring celebration in prior seasons.
  9. DoodleDot

    Brony Or MLP

    MLP fandom since that covers all fans of the show, brony's are only people who are big fans of the show (their the hard core fans) and therefore the term brony fandom would only apply to some fans of the show if that makes any sense. also i agree that the term MLPfandom sounds better.
  10. DoodleDot

    Mlp reaction game

  11. DoodleDot

    Mlp reaction game

  12. DoodleDot

    Mlp reaction game

  13. DoodleDot

    Mlp reaction game

  14. DoodleDot

    Season 9, Episode 10: Going to Seed

    critically i would put this episode at a 6 since some parts felt rushed, and the story was pretty basic but made up for it for being one of the best deceptions of AJ's charater IMO. but from a no critical perspective this episode is my new favourite, i do tend to love episodes that involve the apple family and this was no exception! This episode was cute and funny on the surface but is kinda sad the more i think about it because it wouldn't surprise me if a big reason for AJ being so serious is because of her parents death. so overall it's a 10 for me but critically a 6.
  15. DoodleDot

    Zecora Fan Club.

    i agree, i wish she got more attention. i think she was planned to have a bigger role but they decided against that due to want more slice of life and less adventure. still it would be great if we got more of her, i mean who else can rhyme as cool as her?