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  1. Shadowkrosser

    Clicker Heroes - Clans

    1) Starlight Glimmer 2) I play almost everyday, but I'm NOT serious. I'm not really the grief sort and I'd only likely kick if I NEEDED to make room for someone and the member was inactive. 3) Immortal is at 15 currently. 4) Just send a request to join through the in-game. I'll wait a week or so at first to see how many requests I get. I'll try to give preference to those who reply here (as long as I can determine your player name).
  2. Shadowkrosser

    Clicker Heroes - Clans

    Wanted to create a topic for people to post their Clans so people can join. For those who don't know, Clicker Heroes is an Idle/Clicker game now on Steam. They implemented Clans relatively recently. Clans can have up to 10 members and members effectively just share damage dealt to click-only bosses that occur daily. Suggested use of this topic is to post your: 1) Clan tag. 2) How serious you are/expect members to be. 3) Current level of your clan's daily boss. 4-?) Particular join instructions.