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  1. BronySenior

    Starting to make Radioplays. Help wanted.

    This project sounds very interesting. Well, I've fixed some audio with Adobe Audition, and Audacity, I do not know if it's any good, but I manage it there. I've also done various melodies in FL Studio, with more or less decent samplers, but I do not know how well they fit what you're looking for. And with regard to the voice actor, well the truth that I've always liked to lend my voice for small projects with friends, but I can not judge correctly whether I sound well or not, but I think I sound decent, and yes, I can do different types of voice. If I can serving you with something, I'd like to help you :D
  2. BronySenior

    My Introduction

    Hallo Everyponie! I'm new here, and i try to make new friends who like MLP!!!! I try to make my better work with all here!!!