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  1. Kasaidragoness

    Who is best pony?

    Best pony is Carlos. Nah, in all seriousness, best pony is either Octavia Melody or Coco Pommel.
  2. Kasaidragoness

    Why did you join the fandom?

    My first exposure to ponies was in October 2010. I was on 4chan's /b/ board at the time. People started posting pony memes, and I was genuinely intrigued. Then came the Derpy Hooves memes. Those killed me on a psychological level due to their hilarity. I started using those memes a lot, and eventually, a year later, somepony thought I was a brony. I was really just having fun with the irony of it. They linked me a video; I liked it. I started to go on a Youtube-pony binge. After a year and a half of this, I decided to give the show a chance. I watched the first two episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. At the time there was only two seasons, so there wasn't much to watch. I stayed up, binge-watching a show intended for little girls, and I genuinely enjoyed it. However, due to many insecurities, I was in the closet about a lot of things, and I didn't want hint towards any of those things (I was a closet bisexual and trans girl). I didn't want people to make fun of me for being "girly", so I put down to show for a good three years, after I came out of the closet. It was late 2014. A friend had linked me another pony related video. It was PONIES: The Anthology III I believe. Anthology had made me laugh so hard. After watching Anthology III, I decided to give the show another chance. I re-watched the entire show from the beginning of season 1. I ended up falling in love with the show. I was hooked. I started hanging out on the /mlp/ board on 4chan, and the /r/MyLittlePony subreddit. I started to go on Equestria Daily and MLPForums. I seeked out people with the same interests, and that was when I realized I was a brony. And that's how bronies are made, kids!