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  1. Spoilers ahead! The eighteenth episode of season 9, She Talks to Angel, is a great episode. Besides shedding light on the "abusive" relationship between Fluttershy and Angel the bunny, I felt myself shoving my face into my keyboard at Fluttershy's messy hair. I want one. My only concern is that the "switch bodies" concept was pretty obvious as soon as Zecora handed the potions to Fluttershy. It also felt a bit used after the season 7 episode, A Royal Problem, which did it a bit better. Still, we don't get very many Angel episodes or pet episodes in general so this was nice to see. But can we talk about Angel's dialouge when describing Fluttershy?! "I talk to animals, I wanna marry Discord." Um, nod to the fanfiction by Disneyfanatic2364 or perhaps these are true feelings Fluttershy feels? It could be possible, seeing as Angel is one of Fluttershy's confidants and probably knows her more than anypony (creature, animal?). She does live with him and can be seen with him on most occasions. She takes him everywhere. Maybe it's just a tease for bronies. But, dang! It got me wondering.
  2. When the theme intro got released, I didn't really like it. I mean, it felt cool because the show has changed a lot over the years, but then it quickly lost it's "oh, it's new!" vibe. I felt myself missing the old intro, which despite small changes, has still fundementally stayed the same over the years. Yes, avoided the stress of adding in new characters and trying to find enough room, blah blah blah. But nostalgia, anyone? Alright, let me explain this in a different view. If anyone remembers the 1998-2008 show That 70s show (great show if you haven't watched it), most of the characters had left the series by the time season 8 rolled around, including what was for 7 seasons been the main character. As well as secondary characters such as Kelso. They did make up for the leaving of the character by adding (ick) Randy. Enough background. What had changed the most about the show was the intro. Like MLP, this show had the same FOUNDATION of an intro, with slight changes such as Lori leaving for brief periods of time. Still it had the same theme of the main characters jamming out to tunes in the Vista Cruiser. But then came season 8. They completely changed the into by turning it into that main characters sitting around the circle. Changed. It was weird and felt like a bit of a grab for nostalgia but flopped terribly. And so, That 70s show was rounded up with a sloppy ending. Anyone else have thoughts and/or insight?
  3. Hello! My name is Rainstories! I've been in the Brony fandom for about 4 years, since 2015. MLP has gotten me through a lot, especially my depression. My main focus within the fandom has been writing fanfiction (I haven't published any of them because I'm a closet Pegasister...) and roleplaying. My favorite pony is Applejack and my favorite princess is Luna. Oh? You want me to state something about myself that isn't MLP related? I can do that! Well, I'm demiromantic pansexual. I have 3 cats and two dogs (oh, man. I run a zoo). I'm also available to talk all the time, although my replies might be late. Let's see.. I'm also in the furry fandom, have been for 5 years, so I'm a current grey muzzle (bow to my knowledge. Hm, that's about it I guess.