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    Hey! I'm V_Champion (my friends call me vchamp for short since it's easier to say/type). I'm from the Republic of Ireland, (my parents are Ukrainian, and I speak Russian at home, so no, I'm not of Irish heritage xd) I've been into the MLP fandom since late 2017, and still am as of today. I'm a Roblox Developer and I love to make games and other cool stuff, and an advantage of being a creator is that I'm able to do afford stuff (plushies <3) I've always wanted (most kids my age would be working summer jobs by now). I've joined the Equestria Daily forums because It'd be nice having an account and interacting with what part of the community is still left from time to time. I do watch MLP:FiM (I'm currently at Season 9), I love MLP art, music and especially remixes. I've recently bought a 4DE Rainbow Dash Plushie, too. Anyway, I've never really put that much effort into these introduction type threads, but I'm in love with the fandom so I want to make a good impression) Hi!