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  1. Demise

    Mlp collection help

    @TealMint_Moonrise yeah, I did happen to check there, they do have the tempest set and the canterlot castle, which I still need to get, but the cmc set is unavailable and the rarity sets aren’t even listed at all which is a bummer. But I appreciate your suggestion! I’ll definitely keep looking back though, Thanks!!
  2. Hello! Does anyone know where I could get some of the friendship is magic collection figures? Mainly the cmc balloon booth, shining armor and his chariot, and the rarity set figures. I’ve been looking everywhere and they’re so hard to find, I found a few on eBay but they’re ridiculously priced and from overseas. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated!
  3. Hey all!! I am hosting an MLP art workshop at my local Michaels!! please come and join! I'll be guiding anyone on how to draw your favorite pony characters! This is for all skill levels so come have fun! Please sign up here: don't hesitate to ask any questions!