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  1. Muffins-uwu

    Opinions on let's go Pikachu/Eeevee

    I like Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. I have Let's Go Eevee (cause me love le floof boi) and in my opinion, it's pretty go but I can see why all of you might not like it because it's ANOTHER gen 1 remake which is a bit disappointing especially for Pokemon's 1st switch game and you can't fight wild Pokemon. In order to catch, let's say, a Rattata. You have to bascilly play Pokemon Go.
  2. I watched it last night. In my opinion, It was pretty good. The style reminded me a whole lot of My Little Pony: The Movie.
  3. Muffins-uwu

    worst video games ever!

    @baltoist I like them but I can see why you don't.
  4. Muffins-uwu

    Does anyone remember "Poor Unfortunate Foals"?

    The name sounds like the Disney song "Poor Unfortunate Souls". It's probably a reference. Also, The game sounds really really cool.
  5. Muffins-uwu

    Which PS4 Do You Have/Are Getting?

    I have a PS4 pro. It's pretty noice but I am sort of jelly when I see people that have the limited edtion because it looks really cool looking!