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  1. Good news, as an admin I am able to delete accounts.
  2. Happy birthday AI-senpai! :)



  3. Spam is gone...

    Good lord, I'll never put this off again

  4. Spam is gone! Thanks to @Otaku-sempai for all the reports; I've had a lot on my plate lately and haven't been able to address them until now.

  5. AI-senpai

    Anypony else binge s1-9 of FiM?

    Sorry about the spam! It should all be gone now c:
  6. AI-senpai

    Question about fanfic audio readings

    Sounds fine to me.
  7. Hello, I'm a moderator for this site. I am sorry, but I cannot find anything about how to delete your account. The most I could do is ban you if you really want, but I am not sure that that would prevent the page from being searchable. If it's any consolation, however, I don't believe that having it come up on google is really a big deal. Nonetheless, I understand the frustration.
  8. Oi fellas, sorry for the unmoderated spam posts for the past couple of weeks, been taking a bit of a break. It's all cleaned up now tho <3

    1. Leonbrony17
    2. Leonbrony17


      May i ask you something?


      I've been thinking about a little bit about giving it a try as moderator here on EDF. I'm not sure if i can live up to the requirements but if i can't i can always give that title back. xD


      To do that, do i have to apply in the Town Hall, just like the people who wanne be Discord mods too?

  9. AI-senpai

    New book to be published

    Moved to correct subforum. Also, might wanna chill out on the self-promotion.
  10. AI-senpai


    This was posted in the wrong section, so I have moved it.
  11. AI-senpai


    This was posted in the Introductions section of the forums, which is not the correct one, so I have moved it to Pony Free Posts.
  12. Happy Birthday UltimateAI. :)



    1. AI-senpai


      Hi there, just now noticed this; thank you very much!

  13. @PeeWeePhoenix I have merged your topic with this Spoiler thread. Please be careful about where you post spoilers.
  14. AI-senpai

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    @Lord Nanfoodle Same as above :3
  15. AI-senpai

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    @leonbrony17 Looks like ya posted Sci-Twi earlier, fam. We're not really obligated to hide posts that don't break the rules of the forum, but in the future, it might be best to follow the guidelines presented in the initial post.