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  1. hey

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    2. Spider


      so whats up?

    3. ultimateAI


      just noticed this

      Not much I suppose

    4. Spider


      its been storming where i'm at

  2. I might have a date for the MLP movie next weekend. <3

  3. ultimateAI

    lol rip

    For the most part, they were only ever active when User and I made events on the EQD and PF2 steam groups, respectively. They were fun to play on, though. Barnyard was all stock maps, Tartarus included custom maps, and Treelibrary featured weird ones + silly plugins.
  4. ultimateAI

    lol rip

    2015-2017 These servers were the initial reason I became a mod for this community. I will always remember the good times spent on Barnyard, Tartarus, and Treelibrary. :')
  5. Welp, it finally happened; because of the incoming Hurricane Irma, classes at my university have been cancelled on this coming Friday and Monday.

  6. I am sad because the entire Monogatari series is finished :((((


    It was a brilliant ride, though. Easy 10/10 overall.

  7. Linkin Park used to be my favorite band, and they still hold a special place in my heart.
    I saw them live twice, both very good shows.
    It's very sad to see a legend go...
    R.I.P. Chester Bennington

    1. Spider


      may he rest in peace

    2. Anthony Trey Hamby

      Anthony Trey Hamby

      And may the music stay amazing as their fame and songs live long.

  8. ultimateAI

    Dev Discovers EQD Forums

    chicken noodle soup
  9. chicken noodle soup

    1. MoltenKitten


      chicken noodle soup

    2. Lit Lamp

      Lit Lamp

      Yum yum. o3o

  10. hey its been a while huh?

  11. umm can ask you something?

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    2. Spider


      can you enable status updates for me?

    3. ultimateAI


      done, sorry for the delay

    4. Spider


      that's fine heres a cute picture as thanks.

      Image result for anime wolf girl

  12. ultimateAI

    Product placement.

  13. ultimateAI

    Product placement.

    The entire show is an ad for Hasbro's toys...
  14. Finally, somebody compliments my Homestuck shirt!

    It was a guy at Chick-fil-A who took my order but still :approve: