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  1. Now we’re out of beta we’re releasing on time! If you haven't heard yet, Equestria Daily has teamed up with Ponyville Live to bring you Friendship is Gaming, a brony gaming community that has that new car smell. The server IPs: play1.friendshipisgaming.com play2.friendshipisgaming.com play3.friendshipisgaming.com To join, add the above DNS entries into your favorites or open your console and type in: console Connect to server 1 Connect to server 2 Connect to server 3 Steam Group Event link ( http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Equest ... 2362799305 )
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    Please remove gameme from the servers

    Unless @WeAreBorg rewrites the plugin to remove the says commands from it or unloads it, I am the only one with access to the GameMe control panel as I pay for it. It should not use text chat to tell the player something happened if I am understanding these settings correctly.
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    You Can only talk with pictures

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    Post yer desktops

    This is some form of wizardry here. This is what it physically looks like. Here is the image used.
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    You Can only talk with pictures

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    Answer The Question Above You

    I do not believe they should count to a ranking as very little is actually done in a forum game, but that is just me. Does he look like a bitch?
  7. BASketball - Sports are boring and just get roided up without any name calling or shenanigans. Tomstone - Tom is a rock in a little old-timey cowboy town, when some baddies come in him and his crew have to clean up the streets. Conheads - Group of people are conned out of their heads by a group of people all named Connie. Dumb - Elephants are normally pretty smart, but Dumb is just not.
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    What are you watching right now?

    Laugh at me, I don't care. This is show is awesome. Episode link: https://derpy.me/elt3Q
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    Game server links

    Made a thing and put it on the other thing so things are findable and clickable.
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    Anyone wanna buy these things?

    Polar Pullover https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Polar_Pullover The Graylien https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Graylien
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    S6 - Episode 16 - Discussion

    http://newhorse.vman315.com/ has been update with the latest episode.
  12. I was just messing about after the last Windows 10 update fixed a lot of my issues on my work machine and I found this to be interesting considering I do a LOT of more file server work then most of my co-workers. So I took a look at my home machine and was surprised it was as low as it was. I am curious as to what you guys do in the way of data usage. Post yours if you so feel inclined.
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    S6 - Episodes 1 & 2 - Discussion

    It was pretty okay.
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    Server Mods

    Seeing that you guys want a mod squad with rights to police a server if needed, we have decided to make some mods! The rights they will/do have are as follows. VoteBan VoteKick VoteMap As of now we are trying to decide if to make a completely different group for the mod squad or if we should let our donators have rights to this as one of the perks. Vote to let us know or leave a comment with your thoughts.
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    Server Mods

    SourceSleuth was added to the servers but needs to be enabled in the configs. As of now mods should be able to do a permaban, I will have to check when I get home.
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    Mod Squad

    We have began adding Moderators. Abilities include but are not limited to: Map Ban Kick Mute/Gag/Silence Votes Ban Spray More info when it becomes available. Current Moderators: @ultimateAI @Cyber Commander
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    Mod Squad

    Specter is not a mod.