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    What are you listening to?

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    Server Mods

    I forgot that plugin existed.
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    Server Mods

    We already have a SourceBans setup. That is was setup before the game servers were.
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    Server Mods

    We will probably go with this.
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    Server Mods

    I have already discussed this with @WeAreBorg and he said he may write a plugin that give access to donators only if more then say 5 people are connected and an admin is not ingame. If we were to actually have anyone with those rights the will be called an actual admin, not a mod.
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    What are you listening to?

  7. workshop/cp_glassworks_rc6a.ugc454118349 workshop/pl_eclipse_rc1.ugc529340378 workshop/pl_moonbase_b5.ugc601801525 workshop/koth_snowcliff_b1.ugc603367237 workshop/pl_corrode_rc2.ugc546577989 workshop/pl_clifftop_b3.ugc565392839 workshop/ctf_urbanbrook.ugc546498227 workshop/cp_alloy_rc1a.ugc592805587 workshop/cp_stoneyridge_rc2.ugc454159250 workshop/pl_swiftwater_final.ugc473210550 workshop/pl_subzero_a1.ugc456678994 workshop/koth_occult_rc3.ugc468770640 workshop/cp_tidewater_72a.ugc511780908 workshop/ctf_turbine_abandoned.ugc518198067 workshop/koth_stallone_b2.ugc482258894 workshop/sd_pickup.ugc516933863 workshop/cp_croissant_final.ugc458840209 workshop/arena_discovery_b4.ugc454116880 workshop/ctf_blizzard.ugc551507847 workshop/pass_push_b3.ugc549113166 workshop/koth_chasm_b1.ugc454131968 workshop/arena_powerground_b5.ugc490150299 workshop/cp_snowcrystal_rc8.ugc504542186 workshop/koth_sandvich_b1.ugc502290380 workshop/ctf_converge_b3.ugc459332747 workshop/cp_sdnaldab.ugc475752290 workshop/koth_slaughterhouse_72_rc1.ugc597098995 workshop/cp_yranarg.ugc475758031 workshop/cp_lwobtsud.ugc475737677 workshop/cp_tiplevarg.ugc475740266 workshop/pl_retawdab.ugc475731069 workshop/ctf_frosty_b2.ugc454165353 koth_foolsgrid cp_granary_pro_b10 cp_metalworks_rc7 cp_sunshine_rc8 cp_vanguard_rc3 cp_warmfrost_rc1 koth_airfield_b7 koth_ashville_rc1 koth_product_rc8 koth_warmtic_b6 pl_badwater_pro_v8 pl_swiftwater_ugc
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    What are you listening to?

    ""DJ Earworm - Music For ..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by IFPI. Sorry about that." Fuckin' GG. Working bit below. https://legitmix.com/DJ-Earworm/artist/7084/Music-for-Sport-Bulletproof-Titanium/mix/9632
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    gib reaction images

    Please keeps the shitposts here in this thread alive. They are what keep me alive.
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    Who wants a Lightsaber

    Oh, I did. Oppies loopies.
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    FiG Fridays?

    I know I am personally swamped with work and travelling for it. @WeAreBorg is just plain bad at TF2, so if you see him in game tell him that he's doing good. @"User" is pretty good at games but I do not know if he has stuff in life. We do not want to just make events then not be able to be there for it.
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    The devil in me says "yes", the angel in me says "fuck yes", the lazy in me says "maybe next weekend".
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