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    The server has been completely wiped, re-installed, and set back up.
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    What are you listening to?

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    There isn't anything running on the server that would cause ping to increase that much. However I have noticed that my normal 15-25 has become 50-70. I will try a complete wipe of the server here in the next few days to try and fix it. If it continues I will poke the host about it til they bleed answers.
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    Rarity's New Home

    That is not a female. I know.
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    Competitive Map Rotation

    BTW this setting uses the almost all the cvars in ugc_HL_base.cfg.
  6. Below is the map list included that the Competitive setting on each server uses. It will be updated as requested. cp_badlandscp_granarycp_granary_pro_b10cp_gravelpitcp_gullywash_final1cp_metalworks_rc7cp_process_finalcp_snakewater_final1cp_steelcp_sunshine_rc8cp_vanguard_rc3cp_warmfrost_rc1koth_airfield_rc7koth_ashville_rc1koth_badlandskoth_lakeside_finalkoth_product_rc8koth_Warmtic_b6pl_badwaterpl_badwater_pro_v8pl_borneopl_swiftwater_ugcpl_upward
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    Competitive Map Rotation

    Okay, I was thinking of Hightower.
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    Competitive Map Rotation

    Upward has that issue where if you do not cap it will not end.
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    Competitive Map Rotation

    There are cracks. Things slipped. Update list to be less stock.
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    Possibly a server with a password lock?

    I this is what I have been working on for the past few days. I was considering using the below for the comp server and removing all plugins but gScramble, the donator plugin, and map votes.
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    Possibly a server with a password lock?

    I have been thinking of doing this for a while. Server one be a pretty much stock rotation with seasonal maps for the holidays, two being a comp server, and three being a derp about giggle bucket that floats between the two.
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    Possibly a server with a password lock?

    Moote? How does one moote someone?
  13. The internet is for fear.
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    Versus Saxton Hale

    Can the server have hidden slots so it is down to 24?
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    Versus Saxton Hale

    @Steamworks we are going to do this.
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    === Current Map List ===

    Added event maps cp_manor_event koth_harvest_event koth_lakeside_event koth_viaduct_event plr_hightower_event sd_doomsday_event Also added stock space maps ctf_2fort_invasion koth_probed arena_byre pd_watergate rd_asteroid Also added workshop/koth_wubwubwub_remix_vip.ugc454155669
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    Cross-server chat

    We can try it some of them I found, but no promises.