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    The least/most skilled class in TF2

    This. Hold m2 and click m1 in the enemies general direction.
  3. "Demo is a hard class! Look I am holding m2 and clicking m1 and people are dying! It is SO hard!"
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    My name is..

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    What do you main?

    Medic as primary if I have a team to heal. Heavy if I have a team to kill.
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    TF2 Crashes when i use the Mic

    Does the headset install any drivers? Does it have it's own DAC or does it plug directly into your sound card? If it goes directly into your sound card is your sound card onboard or pci?
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    I require TF2-related assistance

    Valve, making you go "What the Duck? How is this possible? Why is this a thing?" since duck date.
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    Stronger than you (sim Grentina mix)

    SimGretina is the bomb diggity.
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    Versus Saxton Hale

    I thought it was server two but there can only be one server tied to a steam account apparently. It was the in default server.cfg for both servers so which ever one came online first was the one that registered. Only server one is set to register now.
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    Versus Saxton Hale

    Server three is more along the lines of testing and whimsy. Server one is in quickplay and has had 4 people connect to it in the past two days.
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    Versus Saxton Hale

    I have been looking at x10 plugins. I was considering making server three a rotational server between game modes and new maps.
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    Hey there, Twiliggle here.

    Hi. How do you likes these NSFW ladies?