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    MVM list

    Heavy, Medic, Engie, Soldier, and money milk mini crit Scout. This weekend is bad as I have to work but next weekend is probably okay.
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    Why did you join the fandom?

    I joined before episode 11 of season one came out. I was watching Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends on YouTube and saw episode one part two in the suggested videos, so I clicked it then clicked part one then I watched ten episodes in a row and was disappointed when I could not find another episode. Oh and I like animation. Movies, TV shows, and stuff.
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    Taken Too Far (STAR_)

    I want to make server three like this.
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    What do you main?

    RIP in pepperoni Sigafoo save
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    What do you main?

    They ain't no dames sugar cakes! That there is a baby and men!
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    === Current Map List ===

    Added pl_barnblitz_pro6 pl_cashworks_final1 pl_goldrock_b6 Removed koth_appleacres_b3 <- is bad map and I am ashamed of Borg for adding it. ASHAMED!
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    This map has been added to the servers.
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    Seeding Group

    No only server two is in quick play due to it requiring a steam account apparently.
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    No PLR maps at all?

    If you have one you would like you can suggest it.
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    Post yer desktops

    That dropbox image does not load. Upload it to Imgur.
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    Automatic Playtime Events

    sm_evilpimpslap_dmg 0; sm_evilpimpslap @red
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    Should we get a MGEMod server setup? This poll will stay open for 5 days. It would only be 16 slots to start with and if it does well we can up it to 32. TF2 Wiki Page:
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    Automatic Playtime Events

    sm_tothemoon @red sm_teleport @red off a cliff or into a saw sm_sethp @blue 99999; sm_rateoffire @blue 2.15; sm_aia @red 1; sm_bgod @red 1;
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    Automatic Playtime Events

    I am not okay with this unless we get to use admin hax. You people seem to be really good at video games. I am okay at video games but borg is bad at them. We would lose 0 - 600.
  16. UMC is really good at doing this.