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  1. The spam could be real.


    ......â•šâ•( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)â•â•

    Imagine someone with malicious intent writing a bot or three and having it connect to all three at once.

    Although if they wrote it so it would cycle it would be very interesting to see a story told from three sources at once.


    Oh you mean only two systems (Steam and IRC), I thought you meant like with Skype or whatever Discord is.

  2. On of the classic things I had on the old EQD/MTMS server was AnonNames better known as PonyNames. It was a plugin I wrote that any player could use the command !newname to change their name to 1 of 120 pony names. You were all but anonymous to other players and you could choose a new name every 15 seconds or so. It was rather fun to see Luna dominating Celestia, or Mr. Cake killing off Mrs. Cake. You always had the ability to get your old name back at any time.

    Now don't worry about the admin side of things and being able to track people down and such. That is easily taken care of as a person's true name is always visible to an admin.

    I was wondering if this kind of plugin would be fun to have on the server, or not, or if I should make it where only donators can use it? i would need to rewrite it but its only a few hundred lines of code.

    1) If admins will now be able to see what a players real steam name is then yes, if not then you know my stance on this.

    2) This would be better as a perk.

  3. There's a short stairway on the outside of the train where you can place a teleporter under it, an Engie on the other team can place his sentry at the top of the stairway, and then whoever takes the teleporter is instantly killed by the sentry.

    Then people will learn to stop taking their tele or try and vote kick them. Or they won't. Some people do not learn.

  4. It was frequently pulled from rotation on PF2, and I don't think anyone fixed the spot where you could grief with a teleporter and an enemy engineer's sentry.

    There are plugins that we can install and configure so we can block building in certain locations. Possibly one of the examples in the below AM thread.



    Wait are you talking about right outside spawn? That is not a grief, now placing teleporters on the front bumper of the train, that is closer to a grief.

  5. I like long walks on cp_dustbowl, playing Medic, networking, and PHP.

    My main is either Medic, if I have a team I can work behind, or Heavy. I cannot Snip for shit, and my Spy is pretty bad. Soldier is to slow for me and I cannot aim as demo. Scout is to easy to kill. Engie can be pretty fun and Pyro can be even better for just pissing people off.