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  1. There are plenty of servers already dedicated to this not reason to try to take players from the already clearly established servers

    Depends really. Only real VSH I enjoy are the x10 servers

    I have been looking at x10 plugins. I was considering making server three a rotational server between game modes and new maps.

  2. I joined before episode 11 of season one came out. I was watching Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends on YouTube and saw episode one part two in the suggested videos, so I clicked it then clicked part one then I watched ten episodes in a row and was disappointed when I could not find another episode.


    Oh and I like animation. Movies, TV shows, and stuff.

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  3. With Season 5 Part 2: Season Harder now airing, you're gonna need spoiler rules. I don't give a fuck about spoilers personally, but some people turn into screaming she-bitches if they so much as see a single pixel before they've had a chance to see the episode. 

    Here are 2073600 pixels from the new episode.