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  1. BBally

    Season 10 Discussion

    We're getting close to the finale.
  2. BBally


    I wonder how long is the time period between G4 and G5 and what caused the pony races to split off like that and does that also apply to other non-pony races in Equastria and beyond that the Mane 6 befriended by the end of Season 9? If Twilight is still alive, I bet she must feel pretty disappointed of how the amount of work she and her friends worked for was undone. I personally would have preferred that the new generation series takes place in the setting we left off with, ponies living in harmony with other races, could have had non-pony or two in the main cast. Sounds more interesting the concept of this new iteration.
  3. BBally

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #100

    The fact IDW's MLPFiM comic series has made it to 100 issues while many new comics (not including mini-series or event comics) from Marvel or DC couldn't even reach 50 issues (single run without relaunches) is quite a feat.
  4. BBally

    Season 10 Discussion

    Now the first arc in IDW's MLPFIM Season 10 has ended, looking forward to the rest of it.
  5. BBally

    MLPFIM on Rotten Tomatoes

    I know, that's so weird. I mean other cartoon shows that aired alongside MLP still got critics and ton of users rating on them but for MLP it just stopped despite the show's popularity.
  6. I've noticed the show's Rotten Tomatoes page has no critic reviews and very little audience ratings in certain seasons because not a lot of people rated the show, which is odd.
  7. BBally

    Season 9, Episodes 24-26: Series Finale

    The first few verses of the song sums up many people in the fandom myself included, when we first heard of this new iteration of My Little Pony many of us weren't exactly crazy about until we actually gave it a try and that final part of the song that sounded like the intro gave me goosebumps, the song is one of the best songs in the franchise in my opinion. I'm going to miss this show especially, it seems that shows made between the mid 2000's and the 2010s are ending as reach 2020, I haven't felt this way since Justice League Unlimited ended the DCAU or some the endings of several anime titles I watched in the late 90s. The final episode left us with some concepts of new adventures before the events of the final episode, which we might see in IDW's MLPFIM Season 10.
  8. BBally

    Season 9, Episode 19: Dragon Dropped

    I enjoyed this episode and Gabby is adorkable as always.
  9. Salam fellow Bronies and Pegasisters, I've been a fan of MLPFIM since the show began and even got my friend into it and have been following Equastria Daily for a long time. I didn't realize I didn't join the forum yet and we're on the show's final season.