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  1. Princess Cheese Dorito

    What's Your Favorite Song In The Soundtrack?

    As much as I adore villains and villain songs, I love Open Up Your Eyes.
  2. Princess Cheese Dorito

    What is the best part about MLP?

    I like the fact that the fan base isn't afraid to admit that they love MLP due to the fact that most of our fandom are males called bronies. I am thankful for all the bronies and pegasister that brought this show a sense of family and brought us all together by common interest. I also admire the characters and how they at least have flaws like they are actual people we can relate to rather than just perfect ponies on a screen. Believe me, that sure would be boring. Snow White, anypony? Let's get back to the topic here: The characters learn from every single mistake they make, learning friendship lessons along the way. This makes them relatable and the fact that we can also learn the friendship lessons with them is essential for everypony and not just little girls. Oh, and being a musical theatre fan, the music and songs in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is amazing.
  3. Princess Cheese Dorito

    Is MLP the best cartoon ever?

    I'd have to say one of the best. Friendship is Magic is my top favourite cartoon, yes, but I also think some others are good, those being Rick and Morty, Disenchantment, Futurama, and some others.
  4. Princess Cheese Dorito

    Season 9, Episode 18: She Talks to Angel

    Well, we all know one thing: this episode was pretty weird, but at least it gave us insight into what Angel thinks. And that way Fluttershy was able to give her full attention to both Angel Bunny and all of her animals. So, overall, the episode was great.
  5. Princess Cheese Dorito

    Would "Sci Twi" be an alicorn in Equestria?

    The thing is that Sci-Twi did not in fact go through the whole princess qualifying journey that Twilight did in Equestria. As I can see in the picture, she may have the alicorn wings as a default, but did she do something significant in the human world like pony Twilight did? I'm gonna say no on this one. Therefore, I believe that Sci-Twi would be a unicorn.