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  1. Name: "Minion"#9312

    Which position are you applying for?: Discord Moderator

    If Sectional/Forum Mod, which section(s)?: N/A

    Why do you want to be an EQD Mod?: I want to be and EQD Mod because I'm a passionate brony who wants to reconnect with other bronies and the EQD community. I want to contribute and help with EQD since it has allowed me to connect and meet other bronies. I've been inactive in EQD over the last few months due to other conflicts such as my IRL schedule and my competitive TF2 schedule but I'm planning on being more active in the EQD community since I miss it and want to have the sense of joy and enjoyment of engaging and talking with other bronies. I have a lot of experience with controlling and managing discords with large amounts of people and I'd be honored to be an EQD Mod.

    What prior moderation/administration experience do you have, if any?: I'm an admin and or mod of several discord channels, most of which have to do with competitive TF2 as well as ponies. I currently co-own a TF2 server which is mostly used for scrims and matches for my highlander team so I have vast amount of experience with administrating and controlling a TF2 server (R-Con especially).

    Anything else you'd like to share: For the most part, I constantly check steam and discord throughout the day except for when I'm in meetings, class, or have other stuff going on. I have the discord app on my phone so I have instant access to discord even when I'm not on my computer. The times when I'm not active on any given day are between 11:30 PM est and 8:30 est PM. In regards to controlling/dealing with a situation, I usually try to work out problems with people peacefully and I'm usually pretty lenient with people. However, if they're not following the rules are being rude to other staff members, I'm not afraid to put my foot down and give a person the boot if they're not listening to me.


    If you have any other questions just PM me on discord. Thanks for your consideration. :)

  2. Hey guys,

    I'm currently actively recruiting for my new HL team which is either gonna be steel or silver this upcoming spring season. I'm looking for subs in all classes except sniper. If you wanna join, add me on steam so we can set up a tryout date. Thanks. :getsome: