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  1. Gleefulpep

    My MLP art

    I'm doing some MLP commissions for anyone is interested. I'm mostly doing commissions due to some problems in my life so if you want something more detailed I'm willing to do so though it'll be a little bit more! I'm doing simple pony commissions for 5$, simple pony commissions with slight movement for 12$, and simple human art for 12$! If you're interested just send me a message! Here are some examples of this:
  2. Gleefulpep

    I'm brand new!

    Hello spider!!
  3. Gleefulpep

    MLP Fate tabletop

    Some pals and I are doing a MLP tabletop using the FATE system if anyone wants to join! We are still looking for another person! It's on roll20!! It's going to be really fun and there are a lot of different races you can play! I hope you guys join! Shoot a message if interested!
  4. Gleefulpep

    I'm brand new!

    Hello! I'm new to Equestria Daily! It's wonderful to meet everyone! I like art and stuff!