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  1. Nice new profile picture. :)

  2. How is everyone doing? I've been swamped for the past few months because of college.

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      But you just sent "That's good." 3 times. xD

    3. Filly Brony

      Filly Brony

      Sorry about that.

    4. Leonbrony17
  3. Thanks for the follow! :D

    1. Filly Brony

      Filly Brony

      No problem! Welcome to the Equestria Daily Forums! :HappyPinkie:

  4. Filly Brony

    Hi every pony! :)

    Go to the messages icon at the top. It will say "Compose New"
  5. Filly Brony

    Hi every pony! :)

    I would like that! I need friends too. We can talk any time.
  6. Filly Brony

    Hi every pony! :)

    Hi every pony, I am excited to be here. I want a chance to talk with everyone. I need friends in my life. My Little Pony has got to be my favorite show. I have cheered, cried, and laughed throughout every episode. I was really emotional during the final episodes, and I'm sure you were too. I am naming Equestria Daily my 2nd home. Hope to hear from you soon! Follow me on Instagram: filly.brony