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  1. hello basically there is a project going on about the mane 6 in a zombie apocalyspe and we have vas but we could use more we have writers but the main thing holding us back is the lack of artists we need artists of anysort storyboard if possible cause we have one storyboard artist but its too much work for him to handle so we require more if u are interested in taking part of the project here is what we have so far this is a small taste of our project. so please if ur interested pls send me a message
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    Gamer tags

    sirknightbacon on steam if anyone wants to
  3. are there any pc brony call of duty clans cause in advanced warfare there is a brony clan called codbroniesunited are there any on pc
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    Battlefield 4 Squad

    hello im new to this forums and i wanted to find some friends to game with i got a pc so i switched from old gen ps3 to new pc and the only games i have at the moment is fallout 4 and battlefield 4. i wanted to know if there was anyone that had battlefield that would want to add me on origin
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    PSN Sharing Thread

    i did not upgrade to ps4 but i still have many games for ps3 like black ops 2 mw3, and advanced warfare, and the last of us. if anyone wants to play just add my ps3 psn xItsDerpyHoovesx