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  1. Error

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    No. I'm not a digimon or pokemon either
  2. Error

    counting and 20 is boom!

    2 another bite for dust
  3. Error


    Wish granted, but it can't transform I wish Copy files from pc from another destination (USB, PC, other device) could instant copy without waiting
  4. Error

    The shipping game

    Lord Nanfoodle x Mermaid Applejack
  5. Error

    [Your favorite pony] > ______

    Nurse Redheart > Trixie > Apple Bloom > Daring Do > Coco Pommel > Scootaloo > Pear Butter > Vinyl Scratch > Pinkamena Diane Pie > Thorax > Princess Luna > Princess Twilight > Starlight Glimmer > Spitfire > Lyra Heartstrings > Sunset Shimmer > Trixie > Twilight > Applejack > Rainbow Dash>Derpy
  6. Error

    Give the user above you a new name.

    Nanfoodle The Lord
  7. Error

    Answer The Question Above You

    For me the best average temperature is around 15 C I'm getting easily overheat at 25+ C ,but I have resist over -15 c Do you have wisdom tooth?
  8. Error

    Throw something at the user above you.

    Throws Bakaarion out of no where
  9. Error

    Best Pony Tug of War

    Then I pick Trixie 0 - 50 Starlight Glimmer 25 is the start
  10. Error

    The shipping game

    Shadow x Bakaarion, two best rival with some love
  11. Error

    Slap the user above you

    I slap your Applejack too. I'm sorry can't be helped since it's a slap game
  12. Error

    counting and 20 is boom!

    2. That was good scrumpy *Demoman burps*
  13. Error

    counting and 10 is boom!

    5 I see and okay
  14. Error

    King of the Hill

    But you guys did doing greats. I'm proud
  15. Error

    The shipping game

    Shadow x Light Now there is day and night
  16. Error

    Slap the user above you

    I slap your bowtie too
  17. Error

    counting and 20 is boom!

    20 I'll be ru.....*explodes*
  18. Error

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    You both are rivals I see. Lord Nanfoodle was once my rival
  19. Error

    MLP Association Game

    Hungry pony
  20. Error

    A counting game...With a twist!

    76 is Soldier 76
  21. Error

    The Banned Game

    Banned for using a tablet