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  1. BladenSoulFan

    ACTIVE Diablo 3 Seasonal Clan

    Looking to join/make an active brony clan on Diablo 3 Gamer tag: Canthor#1648
  2. BladenSoulFan

    SW:TOR - Anyone playing?

    I play Swtor, and I've been wanting to make a brony guild.
  3. BladenSoulFan

    Blade and Soul!!

    Just made a Cerulean clan on Poharan, "Awesome Wonderbolts" PM Yang Applejack for invite. xD
  4. BladenSoulFan

    Blade and Soul!!

    And my characters name is Chrysalis, and I'm pretty much going to be on all Sunday.
  5. BladenSoulFan

    Blade and Soul!!

    I actually just made a clan called Equestrian Knights on the Poharan Server and my faction is Crimson Legion. If you haven't checked this game out tho you should it's amazing. You can contact me here or at my email for invite.