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  1. It's been pretty chilly today, considering it's summertime now. 14 Celsius is not what I expected in June.

    1. Frécinette


      I'd say that's normal in Canada, no ?

    2. Nile


      You would think, but these days I expect 18-24 on average.

  2. Chew down on some delicious air particles.

  3. Happy Halloween to you all, and a happy 22nd birthday to me. :sunset:

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      happy birthday to you

    2. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      Wait. *Counts on fingers*

      Hm, I may have made some poor life decisions. :stararity:

      Anyway, happy Birthday Niles!

  4. Make America Great Again!!!!!!!

  5. Cutting caffeine is hard, but I'm down to a soda a day. Soon I hope to have that at zero.

  6. Sigh, the Adblock notification can lick my tailfeathers.

    1. Steamworks


      But you are a pegasus. You don't have tailfeathers.

    2. Nile


      Wing feathers can substitute then.

  7. We need to make Friendship is Gaming great again.

  8. Booty.

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    2. Cyber Commander

      Cyber Commander

      I agree, the Discord chat has already given us enough booty.

    3. Stormugandr
    4. Bread


      Ytoob, sounds like Youtube. Coincidence? I think not, Mlp Season 7 confirmed.