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  1. Im looking to commission someone for some light 3d animation for a project. Any suggestions?
  2. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Series Credits (Endgame Style) A while back I made a series credits video for MLP:FIM using a style similar to Avengers Endgame. That one is a style that fit more with the series that used the song "The Magic of Friendship Grows". This was the original idea to follow the Endgame credits more closely using "Main on End". Shout out to PSFMer for providing the 3D models!
  3. CrazedOne

    Looking for Recommendations for 3D animator.

    Still looking for an animator. If anybody has any recommendations it would help me out a lot!
  4. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Series Credits Hi all! Long time reader, first time poster! With the end of the series, I wanted to put together something to celebrate the nine year run. The style is heavily influenced by Avengers: Endgame as I really loved how they handled the credits especially for the main characters at the end. Thanks to Hasbro and DHX for putting together such an amazing show. I wish I could have included every voice actor but there were just so many! Special Thanks to RainShadow for the instrumental used in this video.