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  1. flutterJackdash

    What Mlp has meant to me

    How and where do I begin to answer this rather loaded question? It's quite an expansive answer, however I look at it. I began my love affair with MLP in February of 2012, beginning with a partial viewing of "A Dog and Pony Show" and then a full viewing of "Fair Weather Friends" days later. Of course, it really began with Keanu Reeves. Don't suppose the old depressed Keanu memes ring any bells? The one of him sitting on a park bench looking sort of despondent? Well, there was a version with Lyra sitting beside him and Bon-Bon laying beside the bench, and Fluttershy after that, and one by one he eats them. And I remember looking at those ponies and thinking what wonderful fanart that was and wishing they'd thought to make the characters look like that in a remake. And then I discovered that is precisely what had happened. I was quick to download Season 1 and follow Season 2, and now, here we have Princess Twilight Sparkle, ruler of Equestria, ageless before her friends, and I am filled with love and sorrow in equal measure. I never got into the debates and fallout following her Ascension, that didn't bother me but I also wasn't going to get into any fights over it either way. I didn't take a stance, I just chose to continue loving the show. I never felt alone while I had MLP in my life, whether through fanfiction, fanart, or music, or the show itself, I was in a good place when I was with ponies, and those who love ponies. I fell in love with the show and the community both and I don't regret it. And after all this time, I still count myself a big fan and that isn't going to end anytime soon. I write, I read, and I engage with the community when and where I can. Thank you for being.
  2. flutterJackdash

    And now, finally

    I just meant I didn't get to go home for either holiday, so I spent it alone. But neither was there disaster. Not much fun there. And, yes, I do set myself up to fail a resolution. Snow and that doesn't bother me, whether it is there or not, though I prefer to have it than not. As for what my resolution was? I didn't make one this year, didn't really think to.
  3. flutterJackdash

    And now, finally

    Thank you very much. Neither Christmas or New Year's went any particular way at all. Not bad, not good. Nothing.
  4. flutterJackdash

    And now, finally

    Eeeeeeeeee! Yay! Hello and how do you do?
  5. flutterJackdash

    And now, finally

    I've decided to introduce myself, even use my account for once. Quite a feat! Well, it's Christmas after all, I may as well go the extra...mile... oh this is just laziness on my part, who am I kidding? Howdy, I'm Andy. NOTICE ME!!!