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    A Moment Of Love (Gif)

    Thank you so much!! ^•^ Hehe I'm glad you think that~ Thanks!!!
  2. CoCoaStitches

    A Moment Of Love (Gif)

    This is an entry for a MLP group I'm in, for their A Moment Of Love contest! Redid an old Animation with my two cute babs this time, Ruby and Starri.A potion pony and bat pony, best of friends! I know valentine's day is more of a couples thing, but remember to show appreciation to ALL your loved ones, including your friends! These two show even though they are apart for sometime, they are still true friends and always will be in each others hearts!Friendship is magic of course!I've had these babs for at the least two years, maybe up to 4 years. I haven't really been in the MLP Community as much as I keep getting kicked and back in from the amino without reason, but have been starting to get back into the Community nonetheless! So I am very happy to get back to my 20+ ponies I had laying around for about a year or two haha. (Elixir Ponies are a closed species by Jagga!)
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    Thank you!! I hope so too! I definitely do haha, and I plan on posting here a lot!
  4. CoCoaStitches


    Ello there! I'm new to this site, but not the fandom! I've been apart of the MLP fandom since I was a wee bab, now all grown up a few years back I started to actually show I was in the fandom more! And now here I am heh. I'll share a bit about me for this introduction post ^•^ I am a smol 22 year old nerd, with a passion for all things creative! I'm an artist (who wants to become a graphic designer), beginner plush maker and an animator. I also do some YT / gaming videos on the side, and run a small Etsy shop. I'm in a ton more fandoms, and a huge funko pop collector (I also work for funko). My favorite characters from the show are Derpy, Rariry, Rainbow dash, Luna, Flutterbat, and honestly everyone ^•^; (even the villains :0) My favorite episode has to be The crystal empire, when we meet the beautiful crystal ponies! Totallllly not obsessed with their sparkles lol I also really liked the movie's style, and equestria girls! (Definitely reminded me of Monster high and ever after high :') ) Anywho, that's mostly my introduction!