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  1. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Did the Mane 5 get cheated?

    And after 33 long years!, spike has finally achieved some form of recognition, if minimal, as royal friendship advisor
  2. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Did the Mane 5 get cheated?

    I think that by the end of s9, they all had some form of success. Rarity has the entire fashion industry in her hooves AppleJack is freed from Flim & Flam, was reunited with Grand-Pear, and still runs the orchard with big mac and SugarBelle Pinkie and Cheese, like Rarity, have complete control of parties throughout Equestria Rainbow has been a certified Wonderbolt for a while, but she may also have been a flight instructor at the academy Fluttershy has her "new" animal shelter, where she can care for many sick, lost or wounded animals, And all 5 of them had or have been given jobs as teachers at Twilight's school. And pinkie now has a game show for everypony.
  3. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    carbon based lifeforms of the internet, salutations

    They should try to go 1v1 for thos boomer medical face lift weight los trap adds. If they merge, well than, we're definitely ded.
  4. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    The Banned Game

    Banned for OP necroposting
  5. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    I have also spent around 2 months playing Boxing Simulator, on Roblox, and I'm really close to the end. At first I asked the creator if I could have a private server, but after a while I realized I could scroll down through all of the servers until I found an empty one. So now I have full power to finally beat the game, without using any robux.
  6. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Princess Luna Fan Club

  7. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Princess Luna Fan Club

    Like Starlight striving for longness, Luna has achieved maximum chonk-y-ness
  8. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Mane 6 Fan Club

    a mix of stuff that pinterest sent me for my pony board. enjoy!
  9. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Spitfire fan club

    nopony: spitfire anywhere:
  10. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Did you buy anything recently?

    If I remember correctly, that's the MLP FiM comic. In that case, Thx! I've been "looking"; (tbh I'm kind of an armchair activist, just online research 4 now) For these comics for a while, and with a local Barnes n Noble, I'll be sure to check if they have some! Thx!
  11. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Could we please have the TF2 servers back?

    I've never previously had an interest in TF2. Sure I bet by now everyone has eventually seen one or to TF2 SFMs. Now I've decided when I get a chance, I'll look further into it. it really does seem interesting! I just needed to look closer, and now I'm open to trying it!
  12. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Tempest Shadow's Cutie Mark?

    Hasbro has either confirmed that she doesn't have a cutie mark, or they've denied it. any cutie mark that has been guessed at as accurate, has been deemed unofficial and noncanonical. Here's a video i found that discusses this.
  13. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Did you buy anything recently?

    I've been stocking up on ponies. fashems, cutie mark crew, anything new. Although I'm not biased towards the merchandise, I have only bought ponies so far. once I collect a few more, I'll turn my interest towards the EG figures/ "statuettes". To manage my money, I only buy 4 at most of the same type/ series of toy. even then I end up spending $15 on 3 cutie mark crew mini figures. But I think any pone is worth any price.
  14. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Luna would be very proud!

    This is the next best thing. I ate a banana peel becauseI randomly thought of Luna, and bananas. I ate the whole peel. Your argument is invalid. Luna banana breakfast