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  1. MLPFan_TealMintMoonrise

    Equestria Girls FanFic in progress!

    Finally! *Exhausted/excited-ly slams hoof on table* I've finally found a patch of my time were I was self motivated and inspired to once again begin working on my FanFic. A lot of my ideas have changed since then, but I still enjoy and value my original ideas around this idea, so I've spent hours reflecting on the best way to work with the current progress rather than totally re-write the story. I used Much of the time not spent on this story, to do a bit of character development in myself rather, and I am trying my best to represent the best side of this fandom, and I often, in a usually unsuccessful attempt, fantasize about how I should go about designing the real pony I aspire to be. I think deeply while listening to "the pony I want to be". I know through learning from our favorite pastel ponies, that finding a special talent is not a one-try-success, and it can take you by surprise when you do discover it. I am referring to the final part of designing an original character, the essential piece of anypony's representation,...... The Cutie Mark! I have many ideas but I can't exactly place my mind on which one to choose, and I have a feeling that there will be a moment, almost an epiphany, where I will discover "the magic inside", and that will be when I realize the perfect Cutie Mark that will represent me in no better way possible. If anypony has any suggestions on how they've progressed from there beginnings, that would be very helpful!
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