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  1. TealMint_Moonrise

    Sunset Stuck in Equestria Part 2

    Amazing story idea, I like how it's fast paced to include a sense of action, but easy to follow/understand! nice work!
  2. TealMint_Moonrise

    Another MLP App?

    Or the app by Rarity that was featured in "Hello Pinkie Pie"
  3. TealMint_Moonrise

    Hello everypony, I just binged everything

    p.s, Please feel free to
  4. TealMint_Moonrise

    Hello everypony, I just binged everything

    I spend just about every second I find looking for more pone, since I've seen all the movies (3 times each) and I'm on my third rewatch of all 9 seasons. I watch almost any EQG shorts and new episodes I can find. I occasionally binge all 15k+ of Scribblers (I've only gotten to 120), and others' comic dubs. I've only read the first of the FiM comics. I also scroll and search endlessly through youtube to find any early g1 - g3 pony, and I've found a collection of episode clips, and episode reactions. I'm Also constantly checking EQD for more updates on Pony Life. The one "series" that I've left incomplete, is the "everything wrong with" FiM edition, by LittleShyFiM. I make sure to stay up to date on any theory videos, especially by Sawtooth Waves. When I'm not watching any pony, I'm listening to fanfiction readings, and attempting to finish the complete FoE series. I finished FoE: , so I'm trying to catch up on FoE: Project Horizons, FoE: Pink eyes, FoE: Dead Tree, and possibly FoE: SAT or any other FoE side stories. If I'm not listening to the adventures of somepony, I'm searching for music to add to my collection of fan music to listen to. I found an app called brony tunes that has just about every "artist", all their albums, and the majority of their songs. When I'm not rocking out with everypony, I'm learning and practicing sketching/drawing ponies. aaaaand finally, when I'm not doing any of that, I'm planning my next trips to Walgreens, Target, (possibly gamestop? for POP figures?) and Fry's for any pone merch, including mini figures, (I found a ball, printed with the mane six minus Rarity and AJ) and, if you're lucky, I found two MLP FiM books ( one was a magic water brush book about the episode, "Fake It 'Til You Make It", and the other was a music book about the movie) in the last two weeks. (I didn't buy the music book, because in the MLP FiM: The Movie reaction, done by Bronies React, Viva Reverie, one of the bronies, pulled out the exact music book, used it for a joke, and was completely disgusted at how TRASH the audio was, because the sound was distorted and it didn't match the images. ) *inhales* In conclusion, it is impossible for me to ever have enough pony. But that's what EQD is for! thanks everypony!!!!!!!!, for bringing me more pony!!!!!!
  5. I know my profile pic IS pretty cool, but I think its 'bout time I really take action for this fandom. I've decided I'm going to design my own OC, and upload that as my profile. This may or may not also include a possible name change, but I haven't decided yet.

  6. TealMint_Moonrise

    Hi Everypony!

    you came to the right place! we have all of that, and soooo much more to explore!
  7. TealMint_Moonrise

    Equestria Girls FanFic in progress!

    Update 3: I've made my final decision. I'm either going to work entirely on completing and perfecting this fanfic, or writing shorter stories, each with different themes based on different FiM characters. I plan to read some fanfics before I get started just so that I know how to write a good story. I aim to finish by October 7, but if not, I see a window of opportunity between Applejack, and discord day October 20 - November 9
  8. TealMint_Moonrise

    Did the Mane 5 get cheated?

    And after 33 long years!, spike has finally achieved some form of recognition, if minimal, as royal friendship advisor
  9. TealMint_Moonrise

    Did the Mane 5 get cheated?

    I think that by the end of s9, they all had some form of success. Rarity has the entire fashion industry in her hooves AppleJack is freed from Flim & Flam, was reunited with Grand-Pear, and still runs the orchard with big mac and SugarBelle Pinkie and Cheese, like Rarity, have complete control of parties throughout Equestria Rainbow has been a certified Wonderbolt for a while, but she may also have been a flight instructor at the academy Fluttershy has her "new" animal shelter, where she can care for many sick, lost or wounded animals, And all 5 of them had or have been given jobs as teachers at Twilight's school. And pinkie now has a game show for everypony.
  10. TealMint_Moonrise

    carbon based lifeforms of the internet, salutations

    They should try to go 1v1 for thos boomer medical face lift weight los trap adds. If they merge, well than, we're definitely ded.
  11. TealMint_Moonrise

    The Banned Game

    Banned for OP necroposting
  12. TealMint_Moonrise

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    I have also spent around 2 months playing Boxing Simulator, on Roblox, and I'm really close to the end. At first I asked the creator if I could have a private server, but after a while I realized I could scroll down through all of the servers until I found an empty one. So now I have full power to finally beat the game, without using any robux.
  13. TealMint_Moonrise

    Princess Luna Fan Club

  14. TealMint_Moonrise

    Princess Luna Fan Club

    Like Starlight striving for longness, Luna has achieved maximum chonk-y-ness