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  1. Vital_Mender

    Starbound Friendship is Gaming server

    Okie then, awesome
  2. Vital_Mender

    Starbound Friendship is Gaming server

    @Light Landstrider Well I am in no way trying to get people to leave any other server. However we would be more than happy to have any number of you join us. Our server is running 24/7, and we have about 6-8 people who play at various times of day. If at any point you decide to join us our mod folder can be found [here].The only rules we have are be friendly and don't break or take other's things unless they say you can. Feel free to boop me on skype at: blastradiuss if you decide to join, or have any questions. I can toss you the server address over skype.
  3. Vital_Mender

    Starbound Friendship is Gaming server

    Hey I just wanted to throw this in here. My boyfriend and I have been running a starbound server for a couple months now for us and a few friends. and we would love to include more people if yall are still looking for a sever. We use the pony modpack as well as frackin universe and a handfull of other small mods. I guess just let me know if anyone is interested. I can send a mod folder zip to anyone that wants to join. Also we have the hardwere to start a second server if not everyone wants to use the mods we have.