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  1. Twilight Eclipse Daeth


    You, Syup I gotta get playing this more bro So i'm down Shenzu Tatomi ^^^Gamertag^^^
  2. Twilight Eclipse Daeth

    Looking for some pals to Xbox-with

    ROFL, But I'll jump on it tonight or tomorrow, feel free to add me on steam (same name as on here) I may need you to help me liberate the 3 legendary prices of Valkyrie XD
  3. Twilight Eclipse Daeth

    Looking for some pals to Xbox-with

    X3 sorry just the system my friends played on with it. I think i can remember my old PC account. I don't know how solid it was built tho =( It was active way back when there was only 1 type of enemy and 1 level model type XD no bosses
  4. Twilight Eclipse Daeth

    Hello, Eclipse Here, Lets tech up!

    XP once again my apologies, sadly I'm not sure what your referencing =X
  5. Twilight Eclipse Daeth

    Hello, Eclipse Here, Lets tech up!

    No thank you =3 ^-^ But thanks anyway AaronMk =D
  6. Twilight Eclipse Daeth

    Hello, Eclipse Here, Lets tech up!

    Ah, Religion. While I don't strictly believe in a religion if that's the question you mean to ask, I do think there is a higher power, while I don't think it requires a name, or much discussion as we typically do on earth. I do believe a bit in fate, but even in that regard, fate is what you make it. I hope this Khan of the Blue Sky servers you well!
  7. Twilight Eclipse Daeth

    Hello, Eclipse Here, Lets tech up!

    Hey Yall, I'm Eve, Or Eclipse, Or Jeff, Or Shenzu, A male btw You know what, I got a lot of nicknames, Someone even calls me Caboose after Red Vs. Blues Caboose due to some of my personality quirks at times~! I'm coming to you live from the netscape of Canada, And god, let me say, HELLO! Now that that's out of the way! I can tell you, I'm a gamer, Surprise with me joining this forum Friendship is Gaming. Its such a weird concept. I know, but hear me out! I slide on the controller side with my Xbox One, Holding a large selection of games, Ask me what I think about a game, I'll have played it and have a Opinion, except sports, they don't speak to me friends, but that's just me. I also slide up inside on the keyboard, Though this is where I have a few preferences. I play League of Legends, But I'm still just a Philly at that, gotta get my wings! I also play HotS, Still a philly at that as well tho, so if you wanna help me learn, I'll be a proud colt in no time. My true love lives inside of RTS games on the PC, Civilization, Endless Space, Endless Legend, just to name a few, Heck even Planetary Annihilation is a great game, throw me a Business sim game Ill be smitten (God do I love Big Pharma). Wanna Game with me? Cause seriously looking to crank out some totally rad gameplay with some down to earth people! P.S. Yes my OC is female in size, now I can explain this. Much like a famous musical Pony(WoodenToaster), I really hate the edges of a male Pony, They are too blocky, and i find it ugly, I love the curves of the female ponys, I find them less annoying to look at,
  8. Twilight Eclipse Daeth

    Looking for some pals to Xbox-with

    Hello Everyone, My names Jeff, but I also get called Eve by a group of friends, and Eclipse by another, heck another group calls me Canadian! I'm from Canada, and would love to game with some peeps, Its not very fun playing alone after all. As for games I play, I'm pretty open minded, I play alot of games, like ALOT My mains right now are Smite (Yes I have gods mastered, Yes at least 10 if you would like to go into ranking) Warframe (Love my Valkyr, and Ne Zah is becoming a passion too!) Shoot me a line on here, Or on xbox, I'll accept and proboly favorite you so I can differentiate you between random friends, just so I can talk to you and get ya in a game! My Gamertag you ask? Shenzu Tatomi At your Service, Lets get gaming, and make this %20 cooler!
  9. Twilight Eclipse Daeth

    Smite: Battleground of the Gods

    Toki: hey brother, some people like console. I honestly prefer this game on console more. In fact I've played PC first. No reason to go into the Xbox forums and try a console fight over silly stuff Breezies: if you want I play alot! Shenzu Tatomi That's my gamer tag =D