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  1. is this on the EU servers? EU Tarrenmill Kullus#2985 horde, lithrdrel, hunter
  2. playafoo

    LFM EU Players

    Kullus#2985 play a load of worldofwarcraft on horde
  3. playafoo

    World of Warcraft

    anyone on the EU servers?
  4. playafoo

    OverWatch Clan ? Maybe we can build it

    Sent requests to a few battletags, no resposes?
  5. playafoo

    OverWatch Clan ? Maybe we can build it

    Add me on pc Kullus#2985
  6. playafoo

    07 runescape

    is anyone playing runescape 07 at the moment?
  7. playafoo

    The Stick of Truth

    got it last week in the steam sale, couldn't put it down for a decent 10 hours before i finished it off. not sure if i will get the fractured, but whole for full price tho, i usually wait for a sale, but its gonna be hard to wait.