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    New Emotes! + Emote Requests

    Turns out you can bulk-add emotes, so... yay? Those of you who joined us from PF2 will notice that all of the emotes you know and love from there are now here! The codes for them might be different since there's no easy way of preserving them. However, you can still manually add them from the post editor. As usual, if anything is horribly broken or out of place, please let me know. Also give me your input on whether I should completely remove the default emotes from the system or leave them in. I really don't care either way.
  2. Kaethela

    Bug Reporting

    Please post any bugs, issues, etc. you encounter with the forums in this thread. I'll keep an up-to-date list in this post with current known issues, past issues that have been resolved, and whatever else is deemed useful to have. Bugs with our hosted game servers should be posted in the relevant game's FiG Server Suggestions thread. REQUESTS Spoiler tags, youtube embeds Blog Keyboard shortcuts FORUM BUGS Forgotten password page throws up error when trying to reset password Error when sending confirmation e-mail on sign-up Quick reply box does not auto-refresh the page but does add your post. Captcha is broken, currently on captcha 1 for a fallback 500 error in lots of places, especially user profiles Unread content button gives 500 error On mobile this instead gives a blank page. The activity page also does this. Permissions issues for various subforums Steam login handler broken System clears sessions more frequently than necessary, leading to excessive logging out
  3. you're a kid you're a squid you're a kid you're a squid you're a kid you're a squid The first new IP from Nintendo since Pikmin! A colorful third person shooter game featuring squids and ink that's as much about painting as getting frags. Basic Information: Team up and take on other teams in an action-filled battle to cover the level with as much ink as possible. Spray walls to access hard-to-reach areas. Covering more territory with ink unlocks powered-up super weapons that can be used to attack rivals or cover more turf. Strategy is everything. Defeat enemies to splatter them in an explosion of ink, covering more turf for your team. Refill ink tanks, hide from opponents or move faster by turning into a squid and diving into the ink with the tap of a button. You move faster through your ink color and very slow through enemy ink. Single player campaign, one-on-one local versus, and online multiplayer modes. Online includes both unranked and a ranked mode (to be added after launch in an update). Single player involves several stages of platforming and fighting octopi enemies followed by large boss fights, similar to Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Mario Galaxy; except instead of Mario, you're a squid-kid. Multiplayer is 4v4 and includes modes such as turf war, capture zones, tower control, and more. Team ranked play will also be available after launch. Your character is customizable and can be a squid-boy or squid-girl. Eye and Skin color can be changed at will, "hair" color changes based on team ink color. Lots of clothing options are available, with many to unlock that grant skill bonuses. Lower level gear can be upgraded to give as many bonuses as high level gear. (Skill bonuses range from faster move speed to increased damage or better ink efficiency or regeneration) Playable colors: "color lock" mode locks the combination to blue and orange, otherwise it rotates as you play single player and online.
  4. Kaethela

    My opinion about the like system.

    Yeah, go for it.
  5. Kaethela

    My opinion about the like system.

    That is indeed the question. I'd like some more feedback on that before I make any changes, I think.
  6. Kaethela

    Let's just...

    Just want you to know that this is not being ignored. A lot of these are good ideas, will look into how feasible this is.
  7. Kaethela

    My opinion about the like system.

    I can remove the reactions and go back to pure likes, if that's the preference. There is no way to make them individually collectible, as they all roll into your reputation score.
  8. Kaethela

    Serious Discussion?

    There's not really a 'serious discussion' category, as it hasn't really been needed yet. I can move this thread to Pony Free Posts since it's not really pony-related and is more about the fandom itself. If you'd rather create a new thread there, be my guest, either one works. Please keep the discussion civil, regardless of where you choose to have this conversation.
  9. Kaethela

    Bug Reporting

    Looking into this, thanks for the heads up. We had some security upgrades done which may be causing some weirdness.
  10. Kaethela

    An Idea To Stop The Spambots

    These are all excellent ideas, but the forum software severely limits my options for stuff like this. Unless it's built-in or someone's coded a module for it, adding a new feature is extremely difficult.
  11. Kaethela

    An Idea To Stop The Spambots

    We sometimes get accounts that spam threads/posts, usually in Chinese or some other language. They're dealt with pretty swiftly, but they are quite the nuisance.
  12. Kaethela

    Patron Information?

    https://www.patreon.com/EquestriaDaily Essentially, you pay EQD a certain amount per month in exchange for various rewards, which are listed on the sidebar.
  13. Kaethela

    Update Site Rules for 21st Century

    If it breaks the rules, it will get removed.
  14. Kaethela

    Discord Widget

    It was broken, but now it has returned! On the sidebar on the main forum index you can click the "Connect" button to easily and quickly join the discord. Please report any issues, concerns, comments, etc. with this feature as they arise.
  15. Kaethela

    Update Site Rules for 21st Century

    Offensive language filters can be done but bypassing it is on a usergroup basis. Which means in order to make it optional myself or another staff member would have to manually add users to a special group that can post such things, and that is not a rabbit hole I'm willing to dive into. I have no control over what the Ignore feature hides from you, sadly. If I'm able to find a solution to this, I would of course be willing to implement your suggestion.
  16. Kaethela

    Discord Widget

    We had one at one point but it stopped working. I'll look into bringing it back.
  17. Kaethela

    Update Site Rules for 21st Century

    I'm not implementing a specific rule against necroposting, since it's such a minor thing and we can easily handle it on an as-needed basis. COPPA is something I'll need to look further into.
  18. Title says it all. Due to popular demand, we've switched the avatars from circles to squares. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you wish to send death threats to my entire family because you hate change of any kind? Let us know!
  19. Kaethela

    An Idea To Stop The Spambots

    There's no way to do that, unfortunately. If you really wanted to, you could send a PM to a staff member with the suspicious profiles. Otherwise, continue flagging their posts when they do become active.
  20. Users cannot delete their own accounts, only admins have that capability.
  21. Kaethela

    About the chinese spammers here.

    We've had Captcha turned on since the beginning. Turning on e-mail validation was an additional step to try to curb the sheer number of them. There's only so much I can do with the tools I have.
  22. Kaethela

    Forum Themes

    That is an excellent question that I will look into.
  23. What's your Discord username, including the numbers?