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    I love to role play, and make friends (thats not a joke, im quite shy irl and have very little real friends. Great first impression right brain)
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  1. Pit Icarus

    Icarian Introduction

    Pinkierawr? Amazing name! Adorable!
  2. Pit Icarus

    Icarian Introduction

    If you want to play with me, message me on kik, it's a bit more... private
  3. Pit Icarus

    Icarian Introduction

    No, I have feelings too!
  4. Pit Icarus

    Icarian Introduction

    Aww You can't make an exception?
  5. Pit Icarus

    Icarian Introduction

    Baka, no, bad Baka! Leave me be!
  6. Pit Icarus

    Icarian Introduction

    Dammit Hades, I've defeated you multiple times before, go back to Tartarus and leave me be
  7. Pit Icarus

    Icarian Introduction

    Well then, Badshot, you should message me on kik so we can role play, and quite a sexy Opening *rawr* And Baka"Baka"Project (new nickname ^^) I like multiple types sandwiches
  8. Hi, just call me Icarus. I know that's not the most friendly way of introducing myself but im kinda shy. even while typing this I feel shy. I love to role play, and talk to people through kik (PitIcarus121 btw). I'd really like to meet new people I'm Male, Bisexual (you're welcome men and ladies) and lovve to talk and role play of any kind, but I prefer romance. I'm shy at first, but I open up more as I get to know you and vice versa