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    Share Your Gamertags!

    BreezieSeraph06 Xbox One. Mostly just Smite and Titanfall...
  2. Breezies_are_cute

    My name is..

    Hello, everyone! My name is Thomas. I'm a Brony from Milton Keynes, England, and I have profiles on all of the major gaming systems. For PS4: azerothian698472 For Xbox One: BreezieSeraph06 For Steam: BreezieSeraph1 For Wii U: S389K6ERLA31KDAY Oh, and for the MLP Gameloft App: ae1ed I hope to meet as many new gaming bronies as possible. Have a nice day!
  3. Breezies_are_cute

    Splatoon - You gotta be squiddin' me

    So, who are you siding with for the Splatfest? Singing or Dancing?