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  1. Steel_Bulwark

    Well, hello then

    I've posted maybe two other places, but didn't know about this, so I figured I'd throw my hat in here as well. Howdy I am a novice author working on several different projects (three brony fan-fics, two fantasy stories, and a sci-fi-fantasy story.), and a self-proclaimed nerd. Gaming especially, but also Anime and (primarily fantasy/romance) Literature. Good to meet you fine fellows. I play consoles and PC, and am always looking for people to play with periodically. My League Summoner name is Ashikkon, as well as my XBL ID. My PSN ID is Saber_Arturia, but I don't have my PS3 anymore, nor do I have a PS4 yet. I'll see you around.
  2. Steel_Bulwark

    League Of Legends

    My Summoner Name is Ashikkon, ended silver 4 last season, but feel like I'll do a lot better when I'm out of this "Near-Bronze" ELO. I fill and have a decent champ base. I'm only ever toxic when other people start blaming me for their doing poorly, so no worries there. Currently my Skype ID is Aoife McConall, since I'm in a D&D group right now, but It'll go back to Steel_Bulwark after the campaign.
  3. Steel_Bulwark

    Share Your Gamertags!

    Ashikkon Xbox 360 Primarily been playing Dark Souls, but have the Halo franchise, the Gears franchise, the Dead Space games, and a couple others. If you see my account online playing Peggle, it's probably my wife