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    Huge gamer, also a writer mainly of poems and short stories, reading, doodling, consoling others, hanging with friends, and family, being outside, trying new things.
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  1. Rainbowsrfun

    Hi yah :)

    Hi *waves* I'm back! I was here for a short time when this place used to be FiG I thought i would make a new intro now that im back for the new forums of EQD I'm super stoked for all the new stuff and people and congrats to everyone from FiG for this upgrade! (smiles are still creepy as can be tho) any who a little about me I'm a writer of poetry and short stories, im a gamer, i have an Xbox 360 one and ps4. I run my own group on discord for mlp and furries, im in a relationship, pansexual, female and 21 and from Minnesota in case there are any mlp bronies out there and I'm going to school to be a mental health therapist I also have a huge obsession for Rainbows!! if you'd like to know more feel free to ask im quite the open pony ;p oh p.s. my fave ponies are Chrysalis <3 and pinkie pie/pinkamenia
  2. Rainbowsrfun

    Minnesota Bronies

    Hey guys, i'm from Minnesota usa, and i was just wondering if any other pony gamer are also from there. If you are i was also wondering i you are part of the MN Bronies. If not you defiantly should be, there is a facebook group, and we meet up once a month at the mall of america, and the people who run the group are also in charge of the MLP MSP (my little pony mn con) I would deff be down to meeting up with some fellow mlp mn gamers at a meet up and or con. but first lets get to know one another if you are from Minnesota make sure to commet i love meeting new people and making friends
  3. Rainbowsrfun

    SELLING Brony con 2016 Ticket

    Hello all I have 1 Bronycon Ticket that i am Selling. It is a Three day pass which gets you All weekend access 2016 convention book Bronypalooza admission Grand Galloping Galla admission It is a code, that you will put in to buy your online ticket, Once you use the code all information will be under your name! so if your buying it for someone else, make sure they put the code in! I will be selling this Ticket for $50.00 USD dollars, no fee for shipping since you will get the code via online. Bronycon is July 8-10th in Baltimore Maryland. If you are interested in buying this, leave a comment or PM me, You may also negotiate the price with me, but keep in mind i am selling it for $20 cheaper than what they sell for at the convention. I accept paypal.
  4. Rainbowsrfun

    Hi :)

    Thanks ^^
  5. Rainbowsrfun

    Hi :)

    Thanks, and will do I dont know if that is possible, but you most certainly can try I dont know what your quoting.. sorry xp Oh my gosh that looks amazing! how to i make that also i love changelings <3 Thanks Hello
  6. Rainbowsrfun

    If you threw it through the mirror...

    It would turn in to a wolf. If you threw my imagination through the mirror.
  7. Rainbowsrfun

    Survive the Attack!

    I have lucid dream powers, and can easily change the nightmare into a dream of something happy. I blind you with a beam of spectacular colors, that are super bright and sparkly.
  8. Rainbowsrfun

    Yes or No

    yes (im a huge klutz) Have you ever not been able to find your self?
  9. Rainbowsrfun

    If.... (forum game)

    I would be shocked and very happy. if you were the opposite sex of what you are for a day, what would you do?
  10. Rainbowsrfun

    Ask a random question

    Yes i am, I have to be for my job (mental health therapist) Do you know the order of the colors in a rainbow?
  11. Rainbowsrfun


    wow, i hate to grant that.. but i guess i have to, your wish is granted (were all doomed now) I wish i was immune to his/her wish ^^ and would not get harmed by peoples left arm stabbing me.
  12. Rainbowsrfun

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  13. Rainbowsrfun

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    posing for a photo shoot
  14. Rainbowsrfun

    Yum! or Ewwwww!

    yum The food your allergic too.
  15. Rainbowsrfun

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    I dress you up as your worst nightmare.