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  1. Moonlight Whisper

    Sonata Dusk fan club!!!

    Sonata Dusk fan club!!! Hello everyone! Welcome to the Sonata Dusk fan club but before we talk about our favorite taco loving Dazzling we must review the rules: 1. NO bad language 2. NO inappropriate or offensive images 3. Be respectful 4. Be kind 5. This is the Sonata Dusk fan club so if you post a picture of Adagio (or anyone else) it has to have Sonata too
  2. Moonlight Whisper

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Hi everyone! I love Rainbow Dash too! I hope you will accept me in this fan club! Here is one of my fav photos of Rainbow Dash
  3. Moonlight Whisper

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    I like her better as an Alicorn
  4. Moonlight Whisper

    Who is your favorite Dazzling?

    Who is your favorite Dazzling? Mine is Sonata Dusk! (The blue one)
  5. Moonlight Whisper

    MLP Association Game

  6. Moonlight Whisper

    MLP Association Game

    LOL I love FIW!!!
  7. Moonlight Whisper

    The Mane 7’s geodes

    Do you think the Mane 7 should have powers?
  8. Moonlight Whisper

    Would "Sci Twi" be an alicorn in Equestria?

    I really agree with Lord Nanfoodle it just doesn’t make sense I mean why does she pony up with wings if when she goes to Equestria she’s a unicorn?
  9. Moonlight Whisper

    Hi Everybody!!!

    Hello everyone! I’m Moonlight Whisper I just joined but am SO exited to be here!!!