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  1. Moonlight Shimmer

    Photo Finish fan club

    RULES: 1. No bad words 2. No inappropriate images 3. Be nice
  2. Moonlight Shimmer

    Sonata Dusk fan club!!!

    Hooray for Sonata Dusk you gotta love her!
  3. Moonlight Shimmer

    Spitfire fan club

  4. Moonlight Shimmer

    The Dazzlings / The Sirens Fan Club

    The Dazzlings as ponies
  5. Moonlight Shimmer

    why did Firefly need to cross dimensions to find help?

    it was because the ponies needed Megan’s help because Smooze was destroying everything
  6. Moonlight Shimmer

    The Dazzlings / The Sirens Fan Club

    Sonata Dusk is my favorite Dazzling
  7. Moonlight Shimmer


    Hi Everyone, my name is Moonlight Shimmer I really like My Little Pony and my favorite characters are the Dazzlings my favorite characters of the Mane 6 are Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, And Pinkie Pie