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  1. Ixrec

    What are you listening to?

  2. Casting has almost never been a factor in whether I try a show or not. IME most shows are pretty good about casting (voice) actors that fit their characters, even otherwise mediocre shows, and the real question is always how good the plot and characters are.
  3. Ixrec

    "Word" Association Game

    Of course, the only true way to solve this is to force both sides to become friends, by pointing out how much they have in common. Namely, that ponied-up EqG girls are basically a kind of catgirl:
  4. Ixrec

    Alicorn Fan Club

    If all conceivable alicorns are up for grabs, I'd better throw in my favorite non-standard alicorn: Pinkie Pie the Princess of Chaos The clearest shot of her from MLP:FiM issue #57. Unfortunately she never got a proper hi-rez splash page in that story, so here's a fanart too:
  5. The movie is an interesting subject because while I enjoyed it, and I think it has many good parts (especially the songs!), I also think it's one of the weakest parts of FiM overall, falling into many of the same traps as the weaker "adventure" stories in the main show. I certainly don't hate it, but there's a lot of missed potential there (especially with Twilight's character arc), so disappointed is probably the right word. In practice I value it primarily for the songs and all the new world-building which later FiM seasons and comics got to flesh out more. That's also pretty much exactly how I feel about the Star Wars prequels: Fun the first time, so many good ideas, had the potential to be so much greater than it was. Of course there's nothing wrong with liking it more than I did. This sort of thing is insanely subjective anyway, and even in my opinion not a single element of the movie was bad.
  6. Ixrec

    What’s your favorite MLP song?

    Assuming we mean songs in the actual shows, no fan songs, no remixes, no album-only stuff, no items, Fox only, Final Destination, then mine is a tie between The Smile Song and Rainbow: Although those seem to be pretty standard picks, so bonus round: My favorite Equestria Girls song is a tie between Let It Rain and Shine Like Rainbows:
  7. Ixrec

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    I instantly feel more relaxed just looking at this. (Source) (if you don't get the reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wind_Rises)
  8. Ixrec

    Give the user above you a new name.

    Medal of Harmony
  9. Ixrec


    As much as I love the Mane 6, I do think after nine seasons we've done just about all that can be done with them as main characters. Even in the last few seasons, the best episodes were often about secondary characters. I'd love for G5 to be literally the next in-universe generation of ponies so Future G4 Mane 6 can be in the G5 supporting cast, rather than a complete continuity reboot, but we definitely need new main characters.
  10. IT. IS. ON. Best ponies aside... I'll assume we mostly want to list non-pony music here, especially since I've answered the pony music question elsewhere (although about half of this is in Japanese): A-ONE - Uncover the Universe Ai Otsuka - ユメクイ (Yumekui) Angels & Airwaves - Valkyrie Missile Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say Ayumi Hamasaki - Boys & Girls BABYMETAL - Megitsune Death Cab for Cutie - Everything's a Ceiling (though the starter song is definitely Soul Meets Body) Dixie Chicks - The Long Way Around Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling East New Sound - Your Color Judy Collins - Both Sides Now Kalafina - Red Moon Madonna - Dear Jessie MOSAIC.WAV - 悠久想春歌 (Yuukyuu Soushungi) Odyssey Eurobeat - Leave Me in the Dark Queen - Don't Stop Me Now Sara McLachlan - Possession Taylor Swift - Paper Rings Utada Hikaru - Letters Yellowcard - View From Heaven That seems like enough for one post.
  11. This is a weirdly complicated question in my case. Way back when I was into anime/manga/VNs/etc, I naturally ended up on Touhou for a while, and discovered the Touhou Eurobeat series of albums. My favorite artists within the series have varied, but especially in the earlier albums Odyssey tended to be my clear favorite. Leave Me In The Dark is still my #1 most listened to song of all time, or so my phone claims. Eurobeat in general has remained that one music genre I perhaps irrationally like more than everyone else I know. So technically, the direct answer to this question is that when I looked up Odyssey's non-Touhou work, I found Luna (DREAM Mode). I say "technically" because at this point I had only the vaguest awareness of MLP, and my interest in the song had nothing to do with ponies. In fact, a big reason why I eventually decided to try watching MLP is because Odyssey later did remixes of Luna's Future, In My Head Like A Catchy Song, and Flawless that I absolutely loved, and it felt increasingly weird that I'd listened to these a million times yet knew nothing about the source material (and yes, I'm aware of Discord; somehow that one never did much for me). Which brings us to earlier this year when I finally tried the show (and got weirdly hyped whenever I hit one of the episodes those songs were originally from). Since joining the herd, the first fan song I bumped into completely by accident was The Smile Song: Literal Video Version, which I still find pretty hilarious. Though maybe parodies don't count? Which brings us to yesterday: The first non-parody fan song I heard, and also the first one I looked for on purpose since I'd finished the show, was the classic Lullaby for a Princess since everyone and their pet tortoise insisted this was a must-see. Yes, there was liquid pride.
  12. Ixrec

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    Because Rainbow Dash is best pony, and in general on any forum/chat I want to spend time posting on, I want to have an avatar/username that's distinct enough I can at least be easily distinguished from everyone else (including other RD fans, so just RD's awesome face wouldn't cut it). Most of my favorite RD fanart is much closer to wallpaper size than avatar size, but this "Synthwave Rainbow Dash" I've been thinking of getting as a sticker on my laptop seemed like the perfect fit.
  13. Ixrec

    Scootaloo Fan Club!

    My guess is that it would have no special consequence. Twilight and Sunset's human forms don't seem to have any equivalent of the unicorn horns (or unicorn magic) that they lost, and humans don't have any equivalent of the three pony tribes, so I would expect any Equestrian pegasus that went through the portal would simply lose their wings (and pegasus magic). ...until they made enough human friends to pony up and fire friendship lasers Hopefully "reposts" of images from the Rainbow Dash fan club thread that also had Scootaloo are A-OK, because:
  14. Ixrec

    Pony Life Episode 3: How Applejack Got Her Hat Back

    The EQD post about eps 3+4 has links that worked just fine for me: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2020/06/my-little-pony-pony-life-episode-3-4.html
  15. Way back when the COVID-19 lockdown started, I decided to finally catch up on some of the Western animated shows I had been hearing great things about for years but never got around to trying myself, like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Steven Universe and most recently, of course, MLP:FiM. In the last month I've watched all of FiM including the movie/specials/shorts, then read most of the IDW comics, then watched all of the EqD movies/specials/shorts, and somehow I haven't had enough pony yet, so here I am. I've had basically zero contact with any generation of MLP before that, so I consider myself very lucky to have (completely unintentionally) tried this so soon after the last season aired so that I could simply binge all of it at once, though that probably also gave me some unusual opinions (e.g. I loved Fame and Misfortune, I don't hate Pony Life, etc). Rainbow Dash is the pony I like and enjoy watching the most for the obvious general awesomeness reasons, but Twilight Sparkle is easily the one I empathise with the most (yes, I was the overarchieving bookworm student, I still make too many todo lists, and I've had the occasional Twilynanas freakout), so you could call either of them my "favourite". Honorable mention to Maud Pie as the side character I find most consistently hilarious, and also empathise with in other ways (there's a reason my online friends joke about me being a robot). Right now I'm doing a partial rewatch of FiM (i.e. whatever episodes strike me as "I'd like to see that again") and dipping my toes into fan content and forums.