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  1. Why does Cheerilee have freckles as a human but not as a pony?
  2. TrixieFan

    Where is Sunset Shimmer’s human counterpart?

    Hmm… good point
  3. Which of the three Sunset Shimmer outfits do you prefer?
  4. They already showed Twilight’s counterpart but why don’t they show Sunset’s I mean, where is her human counterpart?
  5. TrixieFan

    EQG Minis Ideas

    I think Dazzling minis would be good they are really good characters
  6. Also, why do Fluttershy and Starlight Glimmer both have eyeshadow if in the pony world they don’t?
  7. I TOTALLY agree with Light Blade Sci Twi is a bland character