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  1. 500 Subs on a GameDev YT Channel? Well, Hay! How cool is that? 
    Thanks for subbing everyone! 


  2. Well, Hay! How cool is that? Thanks for subbing everyone! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3jcBfXxX1V95ItZnfIMhdw
  3. We'll Be Vending Again at Everfree Northwest 2022!!
    Can't wait to see people reacting to how far Battle Gem Ponies has come over the past year!
  4. Improving Ultra Orscina's colors while I'm at it...
    (newbies along the bottom)


  5. Improving Ultra Orscina's colors while I'm at it...
  6. Getting that Glow Up Going (Ultra Forms, coming soon!)
  7. Getting that Glow Up Going 
    (Ultra Forms, coming soon!)


    1. Ika Musume

      Ika Musume

      I'm going to grind this game for years

  8. So tough settling on the coolest Chroma colors to go with... Gonna have to make multiple for the DX release! Drexaroc is lookin good in the Hellish Black and Red Brimstone color scheme. But the Wintery Lich King look works too!
  9. So excited to have this new demo out!

  10. Patrons & Backers, check your mail! The New 2022 Overworld Preview Demo is finally available on Itch.io! Just read the latest Backers Only post and you'll find the password to gain access: Download the Demo! Get Your Access Key!
  11. BGP Devlog #4 (Hotfix TARTARUS!) New Devlog Hotfix TARTARUS! is now on YouTube, check it out! After chipping away at development tools and setup behind the scenes, the Yotes Games team is back with an (admittedly late) update on what we've been up to! In short, things like new scenery, a debugged overworld, and more videos breaking down specific mechanics can be expected as we charge full-speed ahead into the next year. The team is thankful for how far we've been able to get this year with the help of the Kickstarter, and we're looking forward to fulfilling the promise of a truly awesome video game experience!
  12. See what's up with the numbers behind our Combat System in our new Breakdown series video! ⭐
  13. PONIES FOR SMASH!! (especially my oc, she's really cool hear me out...)


  14. 2nd  Combat Overhaul Hotfix is up!
    Addressing issues with Secondary Neutral class affecting Ace values and Mauss being immune to Status attacks.

  15. 2nd Combat Overhaul Hotfix is up! Addressing issues with Secondary Neutral class affecting Ace values and Mauss being immune to Status attacks.