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  1. BGP DevLog #172 (Map Mastery)

         The Map System I've been subconsciously dreading has finally been implemented and the rest of the menus are coming together bit-by-bit as I program all the pieces separately and connect them together (instead of cramming everything I could into one giant, unreadable script like before). The results?

         See the latest gamedev update to find out.

  2. Yotes

    How to encourage an artist?

    Constructive criticism sprinkled with compliments? Everyone defends their work like their baby so it can be a touchy subject sometimes. Those super serious about improvement are looking to be torn apart though as to never make the same mistakes going forward. You know, kinda sucks how one negative comment always overshadows a hundred good ones. But that's just human nature.
  3. Can't wait to make a sequel/reboot of this. I feel like there's so much more I can do with this world. Undertale really inspired me to raise the bar for gameplay, character design, and storytelling.
  4. Yotes


    *crosses arms* RARITY FOREVER!!
  5. Being one of those N-Words myself, I feel like the PewDiePie situation was blown out of proportion. He was just spitting out the most awful word he could think of in the heat of the moment and didn't pass it through a personal filter that has to be on 24/7 when you're the most famous YouTuber in the world. And in general I think we give slurs too much power as a society. We keep building up these Voldemorts when in truth the kinds of people who say that stuff and mean harm by it don't do a good job at disguising themselves. If someone is racist they make it pretty known and anyone who doesn't like them simply keeps a distance. They're definitely a vocal minority. Sucks they exist, but I don't think putting them up on every news channel is helping them go away. There's no reasoning with prejudice. You can explain why they're wrong all day but they won't have a change of heart unless they experience and feel something that makes them come to a new conclusion.
  6. Yotes

    Did you buy anything recently?

    new mouse setup EagleTek LED mouse for $15 and a $19 Zelda II mousepad from Etsy. (A HUGE upgrade from just using my laptop's crappy trackpad.)
  7. Yotes

    What are you listening to?

    I recently got super into podcasts instead of jamming out to video game soundtracks in the car. Things like Dave Ramsey's getting out of debt help, GameDev Unchained for game development career advice, Kinda Funny Gaming news & pop culture, NPR success stories, Adam Ruin Everything busting myths and misconceptions, and Bill Nye science talk. But when I'm not being a nerd I'm groovin' to EDM and OSTs
  8. Yotes

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    I've spent almost 4 years of my life developing this game I'm super proud of and I LOVE the icon for it, so I use it on a bunch of accounts everywhere. To me its a symbol of my pride for being a crazy game developer person. I could be doing ANYTHING with the countless hours of free time I put into this, but I'm choosing to bring this pony RPG idea to life instead. Just hope it all pays off in the end so I can make more...
  9. Yotes

    Favourite Sonic Games?

    Before, this was kindof a hard choice. Now its EASILY Sonic Mania! Honorable mention: Sonic Battle (please come back!)
  10. Yotes

    Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I just wanna play as Majin Bae
  11. I have yet to play Breath of the Wild, but I feel like it's sure to be my favorite. Right now it's a real toss up. I love each title for a different reason. Big examples that come to mind are: A Link to the Past: endless nostalgic feelings, it was the game I gave to my big brother when he left to join the Marines and I never got to see him again... Majora's Mask: haunting me for a lifetime, genuine sense of dread, so much creativity for a rushed product Wind Waker: timeless art style had a permanent effect on my tastes, the sense of adventure was unmatched, and gave characters interesting personalities Twilight Princess: the first game I ever experienced true hype for in watching trailers, waiting for a system to come out to play it on, and discovered YouTube while trying to find trailers of it. Spirit Tracks: the love story made me cry, this game distracted me during the darkest period of my life, led to me discovering fan fiction, and even eventually MLP Link Between Worlds: the more open world feeling, smooth 60FPS in a world jam-packed with stuff to do, and sense of growth over the adventure. But gameplay-wise, Breath of the Wild seems like everything I've wanted Zelda to be. Timeless, gorgeous graphics, a world to get lost in, and no strict rules to follow. Just me on an adventure. Going my own pace. Solving mysteries, fighting evil, falling in love with a magical princess. Sounds like the video game fantasy genre perfected.
  12. Yotes

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Playing Super Mario Odyssey with my little nieces. They're SUPER invested in the quest to save Peach and it's adorable. Finally about to face the last boss and get the girl.
  13. Yotes

    annoying enemies

    Ever play Castlevania? Cuz anything within knockback distance of a gap is an annoyance.
  14. BGP DevLog #171 (Cleaning Up n' Keeping Up)



         Feels like every day now I'm discovering some new and better way of doing things. The project is crawling towards a point where all systems exist and are easy to tweak. So good news is I can both feel and see myself becoming a better game developer. Bad news: I'm already a week behind schedule. Again. That won't fly. Time to crunch up and catch up. 

    For this week in gamedev featuring my thoughts on a rather impressive Pokemon fan game coming out soon, check out the Main Yotes Blog

  15. Yotes

    Battle Gem Ponies (Pre-Alpha)

    BGP DevLog #170 (Re-Coding) Once again, starting from scratch. But this time it's in regard to how I code things. Going forward I'll be using new organization tricks to make sure I understand how the entire game works inside and out. No more endless bug hunts because I'll know exactly where they are and what that line of code interacts with, all to better help me deduce the cause of any problems. Also took a stab at rearranging the development schedule to aim for a July 25th release. The path is laid out, but the main factor determining if I can make it is getting to that Alpha build I've been yapping about for years now. All this reorganization stuff should help with that, because things will be more efficient than ever. No more hardcoding, no more just copy/pasting from solution forums, and no more being stingy with line spacing, name lengths, or comments. Read More: Yotes Games Blog